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      The difficulty level of representations in mathematical relationships 

      Christou, Constantinos; Gagatsis, Athanasios; Zachariades, Theodosis (Centre for Experimental Educational Research, 2002)
      Le présent article analyse les niveaux de difficultés liés aux traductions de diverses représentations de relations mathématiques. Les difficultés relatives associées aux relations ainsi qu'aux niveaux de développement ont ...
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      The embodied, proceptual, and formal worlds in the context of functions 

      Christou, Constantinos; Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra; Souyoul, A.; Zachariades, Theodosis (2005)
      In this study we use Tall et al.’s (2000) theory on mathematical concept development, which describes three worlds of operations, the embodied, the proceptual and the formal (Tall, 2004; Tall, 2003; Watson, Spirou, & Tall, ...
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      Geometric and algebraic approaches in the concept of "limit" and the impact of the "didactic contract" 

      Elia, Iliada; Gagatsis, Athanasios; Panaoura, Areti; Zachariades, Theodosis; Zoulinaki, Fotini (2009)
      The present study explores students’ abilities in conversions between geometric and algebraic representations, in problem- solving situations involving the concept of “limit” and the interrelation of these abilities with ...
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      Reflective, systemic and analytic thinking in real numbers 

      Zachariades, Theodosis; Christou, Constantinos; Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra (2012)
      The aim of this paper is to propose a theoretical model to analyze prospective teachers' reasoning and knowledge of real numbers, and to provide an empirical verification of it. The model is based on Sierpinska's theory ...
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      Secondary school students' levels of understanding in computing exponents 

      Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra; Christou, Constantinos; Zachariades, Theodosis (2007)
      The aim of this study is to describe and analyze students' levels of understanding of exponents within the context of procedural and conceptual learning via the conceptual change and prototypes' theory. The study was ...
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      Stereometry activities with Dalest. 

      Christou, Constantinos; Sendova, E.; Matos, J. F.; Jones, K.; Zachariades, Theodosis; Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra; Mousoulides, Nicholas G.; Pittalis, Marios; Boytchev, P.; Mesquita, M.; Chehlarova, T.; Lozanov, C. (University of Cyprus, 2007)
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      Student perspectives on the relationship between a curve and its tangent in the transition from Euclidean Geometry to Analysis 

      Bizza, Irene; Christou, Constantinos; Zachariades, Theodosis (Routledge, 2008)
      The tangent line is a central concept in many mathematics and science courses. In this paper we describe a model of students' thinking - concept images as well as ability in symbolic manipulation - about the tangent line ...
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      Teaching of calculus with the use of dynamic geometrical tools. 

      Zachariades, Theodosis; Pamfilos, P.; Jones, K.; Maleev, R.; Christou, Constantinos; Giannakoulias, E.; Levy, R.; Nikolova, L.; Kyriazis, G.; Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra; Diakoumopoulos, D.; Bizza, Irene; Souyoul, A.; Bujukliev, N.; Mousoulides,Nicholas G.; Pittalis, Marios (S. Athanasopoulos, E. Papademe, 2007)