• Doctoral Thesis  

      Effects of self-focus and evaluation anxiety on task performance 

      Panayiotou, Georgia (1999)
      Research examining self-focus effects on task performance has indicated facilitation in some instances and inhibition in others. The present study examines the role of task type, task difficulty, method of self-focus ...
    • Article  

      Striving for the 'grand theory': Response to the commentators 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Georgiou, Stelios N. (Blackwell Publishing, 1999)
      Responds to comments by F. Marton (see record rid]2000-00993-002/rid]), R. J. Sternberg (see record rid]2000-00993-003/rid]), C. F. M. van Lieshout (see record rid]2000-00993-004/rid]), E. C. Hair and W. G. Graziano (see ...