• Article  

      Conceptualizing the mediating role of power asymmetries in research communication: A social representations approach 

      Kadianaki, Irini (2014)
      While the issue of power within the research relationship has been evoking constructive discussions for over two decades in qualitative research, existing approaches fail to understand power both as macro-socially determined ...
    • Book Chapter  

      Encountering Alterity: Geographic and Semantic Movements 

      Gillespie, A.; Kadianaki, Irini; O'Sullivan-Lago, R. (Oxford University Press, 2012)
      This chapter analyzes the semantic consequences of crossing national borders. When crossing borders, identities change, and alterity is encountered. We ask: what are the semantic structures, or meanings, that enable alterity ...
    • Article  

      Making Sense of Immigrant Identity Dialogues 

      Kadianaki, Irini (2010)
      This commentary builds on the contributions of Ali and Sonn (2010), Hale and Abreu (2010) and on the growing literature in the field to extend the discussion on the development of identity for immigrant and ethnic populations. ...