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      Analytic residues along algebraic cycles 

      Berenstein, Carlos A.; Vidras, Alekos; Yger, A. (2005)
      Let W be a q-dimensional irreducible algebraic subvariety in the affine space A C n, P1,..., Pm m elements in C[X1,...,Xn], and V(P) the set of common zeros of the Pj's in C n. Assuming that W is not included in V(P), one ...
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      Coleff-Herrera Currents Revisited 

      Vidras, Alekos; Yger, A. (2012)
      In the present paper, we describe the recent approach to residue currents by Andersson, Björk, and Samuelsson (Andersson in Ann. Fac. Sci. ToulouseMath. Sér. 18(4):651-661, 2009
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      On asymptotic approximations of the residual currents 

      Vidras, Alekos; Yger, A. (1998)
      We use a P-module approach to discuss positive examples for the existence of the unrestricted limit of the integrals involved in the approximation to the Coleff-Herrera residual currents in the complete intersection case. ...
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      On some generalizations of Jacobi's residue formula 

      Vidras, Alekos; Yger, A. (2001)
      Using Bochner-Martinelli type residual currents we prove some generalizations of Jacobi's residue formula, which allow proper polynomial maps to have 'common zeroes at infinity', in projective or toric situations. © 2001 ...