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dc.contributor.authorPectasides, Dimitriosen
dc.contributor.authorPectasides, E.en
dc.contributor.authorConstantinidou, Anastasiaen
dc.contributor.authorAravantinos, Gerasimosen
dc.creatorPectasides, Dimitriosen
dc.creatorPectasides, E.en
dc.creatorConstantinidou, Anastasiaen
dc.creatorAravantinos, Gerasimosen
dc.description.abstractTesticular germ cell tumors represent the most common malignancies in young males between the ages of 15 and 35; 50% of those with non-seminomatous germ cell tumors (NSGCT) have clinical stage I at diagnosis. Predictors for relapse include lymphovascular invasion, percentage of embryonal-cell carcinoma component, absence of yolk-sack histology and MIB1 proliferation rate. Therapeutic options following orchidectomy in stage I NSGCT comprise nerve-sparing retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (RPLND), surveillance or adjuvant cisplatin-based chemotherapy. Using a risk adapted approach, in about 50% of patients with clinical stage I NSGCT surveillance is favored in patients with good compliance. Adjuvant chemotherapy is recommended for patients at high risk for developing metastatic disease. Non-seminomatous germ cell testicular cancer is a curable neoplasia. All available treatment modalities produce excellent results, with a long-term survival of almost 100%. Consequently, therapy-induced toxicity is an important concern in the management of these patients. An individually tailored approach that takes into account the prognostic factor profile, as well as the patients' preferences and their ability to comply with treatment, is the key for the successful management of stage I testicular cancer. © 2008.en
dc.sourceCritical reviews in oncology/hematologyen
dc.subjectAdjuvant therapyen
dc.subjectStage ien
dc.subjectNon-seminomatous germ cell tumorsen
dc.subjectRetroperitoneal lymph node dissectionen
dc.titleCurrent management of stage I testicular non-seminomatous germ cell tumoursen
dc.description.endingpage123Ιατρική Σχολή / Medical School
dc.contributor.orcidConstantinidou, Anastasia [0000-0001-5316-7574]
dc.contributor.orcidAravantinos, Gerasimos [0000-0002-2106-1713]

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