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dc.contributor.authorCabasino, M. P.en
dc.contributor.authorGiua, A.en
dc.contributor.authorHadjicostis, Christoforos N.en
dc.contributor.authorSeatzu, C.en
dc.creatorCabasino, M. P.en
dc.creatorGiua, A.en
dc.creatorHadjicostis, Christoforos N.en
dc.creatorSeatzu, C.en
dc.description.abstractMost of the fault identification problems in the Discrete Event Systems literature assume knowledge of the structure of the net system, including the nature (and behavior) of the possible faults. In this paper we deal with this problem within the framework of Petri nets by removing the requirement that the nature (and behavior) of the fault is known. In particular, we devise a way to identify the structure of the faulty transitions of the system given its language. Then, we generalize this procedure to unobservable faults, in which case the structure of the faulty system needs to be recognized from the knowledge of the structure of the fault-free system, and the projection of the faulty system language on the set of non-faulty events, that are assumed to be observable. ©2008 IEEE.en
dc.sourceProceedings - 9th International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, WODES' 08en
dc.sourceProceedings - 9th International Workshop on Discrete Event Systems, WODES' 08en
dc.subjectDiscrete event systemsen
dc.subjectFault identificationsen
dc.subjectPetri netsen
dc.subjectElectric fault locationen
dc.subjectFault modelingen
dc.subjectFaulty transitionsen
dc.subjectGraph theoryen
dc.subjectMarine biologyen
dc.subjectNet systemsen
dc.subjectTechnical presentationsen
dc.titleFault model identification with petri netsen
dc.description.endingpage461Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / Faculty of EngineeringΤμήμα Ηλεκτρολόγων Μηχανικών και Μηχανικών Υπολογιστών / Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
dc.type.uhtypeConference Objecten
dc.contributor.orcidHadjicostis, Christoforos N. [0000-0002-1706-708X]

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