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dc.contributor.authorHadjicostis, Christoforos N.en
dc.creatorHadjicostis, Christoforos N.en
dc.description.abstractEnhancing the security and reliability of automated systems that control vital national infrastructures, such as energy and water distribution systems, has recently emerged as a critical aspect of maintaining, protecting, and securing such infrastructures against interference or possibly malicious activity. Examples of such automated systems include Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Distributed Control Systems (DCS), and networks of embedded sensors and actuators, most of which were designed without anticipating the security threats that arise due to increasing reliance on common software, public telecommunication networks, and the Internet. In this paper, we discuss how state-based notions of opacity in finite automata models can be used to capture security properties of interest in automated systems that can be modeled as controlled finite automata subject to external disturbances.We also describe when and how control objectives can be achieved while enforcing desirable security and/or privacy objectives. ©2010 IEEE.en
dc.source2010 48th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Allerton 2010en
dc.source2010 48th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, Allerton 2010en
dc.subjectTelecommunication networksen
dc.subjectDistributed parameter control systemsen
dc.subjectControl objectivesen
dc.subjectDistributed parameter networksen
dc.subjectAutomated systemsen
dc.subjectCommon softwareen
dc.subjectCritical infrastructuresen
dc.subjectDistributed control systemsen
dc.subjectEmbedded sensorsen
dc.subjectEmbedded softwareen
dc.subjectEmbedded systemsen
dc.subjectFinite automata modelen
dc.subjectMalicious activitiesen
dc.subjectMultimedia servicesen
dc.subjectNational infrastructureen
dc.subjectScada systemsen
dc.subjectSecurity propertiesen
dc.subjectSecurity threatsen
dc.subjectSupervisory control and data acquisition systemsen
dc.subjectSupervisory control strategyen
dc.subjectSystem securityen
dc.subjectWater supply systemsen
dc.titleSupervisory control strategies for enhancing system security and privacyen
dc.description.endingpage1627Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / Faculty of EngineeringΤμήμα Ηλεκτρολόγων Μηχανικών και Μηχανικών Υπολογιστών / Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
dc.type.uhtypeConference Objecten
dc.contributor.orcidHadjicostis, Christoforos N. [0000-0002-1706-708X]

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