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      Demographic versus expenditure flexibility in Engel curves 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2008)
      We consider the effects of demographic and expenditure variables on consumer demand in a system of Engel curves using a smooth coefficient semiparametric model where the expenditure effects on the budget shares vary ...
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      Dynamic analysis of British demand for tourism abroad 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori (2000)
      This paper investigates how preference endogeneity, in the form of habit persistence, can affect short-run and long-run tourism expenditure decisions. The proposed model is applied to British quarterly data over the period ...
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      Estimates of the black economy based on consumer demand approaches 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori; Pashardes, Panos; Stengos, Thanasis (2004)
      We propose a consumer demand system approach to estimating the size of the black economy where alternative hypotheses affecting the empirical results can be tested in a nested framework. This approach allows for the ...
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      On estimating the cost of characteristics indices from consumer demand analysis 

      Lyssiotou, Panayiota Flori (2003)
      We examine the information content of relative equivalence scales using a multiperiod framework and argue that in the absence of Independence of Base (IB) these scales can be uniquely identified from demand analysis only ...