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      The impact of employment tax cuts on unemployment and wages 

      Pissarides, Christopher A. (1998)
      I model and simulate the effects of employment tax cuts on unemployment and wages in four equilibrium models: competitive, union bargaining, search and efficiency wages. I find that if the ratio of unemployment compensation ...
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      Labour market policies and unemployment in the OECD 

      Jackman, Richard; Pissarides, Christopher A.; Savouri, Savvas (1990)
      The massive increase in unemployment throughout the OECD since the early 1970s has led governments in many countries to introduce, or to expand, labour market policies. Such programmes have the objective of reducing ...
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      Real wages and unemployment in Australia 

      Pissarides, Christopher A. (1991)
      This paper estimates a three-equation model of the Australian labour market, for employment, real wages and the participation rate. It uses the model to study the role of incomes policies in containing real wage growth and ...
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      Skill shortages and structural unemployment in Britain: a (mis) matching approach 

      Bean, Charles; Pissarides, Christopher A. (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
      Invokes microeconomic evidence on the nature of British unemployment and its causes, and investigates the thesis that much of its increase during the late 1970s and early 1980s can be attributed to the mismatch of different ...
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      Unemployment and macroeconomics 

      Pissarides, Christopher A. (1989)
      This paper discusses some issues in the theory of unemployment. It proposes a framework for the analysis of unemployment and finally applies the framework to the analysis of the rise in unemployment in Britain after 1979. ...