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      Exothermic reaction characteristics of continuously ball-milled Al/Ni powder compacts 

      Hadjiafxenti, A.; Gunduz, I. E.; Kyratsi, Theodora; Doumanidis, C. C.; Rebholz, Claus (2013)
      Self-propagating reactions in compacted pellets of continuously low-energy ball-milled aluminium (Al) and nickel (Ni) powders at a composition corresponding to AlNi3 were investigated. The formation of a bi-modal structure ...
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      Fabrication, characterization and applications of novel nanoheater structures 

      Gu, Z.; Cui, Q.; Chen, J.; Buckley, J.; Ando, T.; Erdeniz, D.; Wong, P.; Hadjiafxenti, A.; Epaminonda, P.; Gunduz, I. E.; Rebholz, Claus; Doumanidis, C. C. (2013)
      Nanoheaters are reactive nanostructures that can generate localized heat through controlled ignition. Besides the widely used nanofoil structure with multiple alternative Al-Ni layers, various new nanostructures have been ...
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      The influence of structure on thermal behavior of reactive Al–Ni powder mixtures formed by ball milling 

      Hadjiafxenti, A.; Gunduz, I. E.; Tsotsos, C.; Kyratsi, Theodora; Aouadi, S. M.; Doumanidis, C. C.; Rebholz, Claus (2010)
      Ball milling (BM) was used to produce reactive Al–Ni powder mixtures that exhibit self-propagating exothermic reactions (SPER) for nano–micro heater applications. Powders with an Al–Ni molar ratio of 1:3 were milled, cold ...
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      Spark ignitable ball milled powders of Al and Ni at NiAl composition 

      Hadjiafxenti, A.; Gunduz, I. E.; Doumanidis, C. C.; Rebholz, Claus (2014)
      Low-energy ball milling of aluminum and nickel particles with an overall composition corresponding to the NiAl intermetallic phase was performed up to milling durations of 13 h. The milled powders and cold-compacted pellets ...
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      Ultrasonic consolidation and ignition characteristics of thermite composites 

      Pillai, S. K.; Hadjiafxenti, A.; Doumanidis, C. C.; Ando, T.; Rebholz, Claus (2012)
      The fabrication and characterization of metal-based energetic composite materials are currently being examined for a range of new applications. A newly developed ultrasonic consolidation process is used for the synthesis ...