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      Linear dependencies in fourth-rank turbulence tensor models 

      Reynolds, W. C.; Kassinos, Stavros C. (1998)
      In turbulence modeling, and perhaps elsewhere, one encounters the need to model a fourth-rank tensor Mijpq, which is symmetric in ij and pq, in terms of a second-rank symmetric tensor bij. It has commonly been assumed that ...
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      One-point modelling of rapidly deformed homogeneous turbulence 

      Reynolds, W. C.; Kassinos, Stavros C. (1995)
      Turbulent stresses introduced by Osborne Reynolds do not, by themselves, provide an adequate tensorial base for one-point modelling of rapidly distorted turbulence because they do not carry critical information about the ...
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      One-point turbulence structure tensors 

      Kassinos, Stavros C.; Reynolds, W. C.; Rogers, M. M. (2001)
      The dynamics of the evolution of turbulence statistics depend on the structure of the turbulence. For example, wavenumber anisotropy in homogeneous turbulence is known to affect both the interaction between large and small ...
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      Structure and scales in turbulence modeling 

      Reynolds, W. C.; Langer, C. A.; Kassinos, Stavros C. (2002)
      The enstrophy of the large-scale energy-containing turbulence is proposed as the second turbulence scale for use, in conjunction with the turbulence energy, in two-scale one-point engineering turbulence models. Its transport ...
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      Structure-based turbulence model: Application to a rotating pipe flow 

      Poroseva, S. V.; Kassinos, Stavros C.; Langer, C. A.; Reynolds, W. C. (2002)
      A new approach for modeling the one-point turbulence statistics, which takes into account the information on turbulence structure, has been suggested in Kassinos and Reynolds (Report TF-61, Thermosciences Division, Department ...
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      Structure-based turbulence modeling for wall-bounded flows 

      Kassinos, Stavros C.; Langer, C. A.; Haire, S. L.; Reynolds, W. C. (2000)
      The performance of Reynolds stress transport (RST) models in non-equilibrium flows is limited by the lack of information about two dynamically important effects: The role of energy-containing turbulence structure ...
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      Tensorial volume of turbulence revisited 

      Kassinos, Stavros C.; Reynolds, W. C. (1990)
      A corrected tensorial turbulent volume transport equation, which is exact for uniform density flows, is derived from the Navier-Stokes equations. For homogeneous turbulence, the new terms appearing in the correct equation ...