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a case-controlled study

dc.contributor.authorDamms, Nicolas Anthonyen
dc.contributor.authorMcCallum, Lucy Moiraen
dc.contributor.authorSarrigiannis, Ptolemaios Georgiosen
dc.contributor.authorZis, Panagiotisen
dc.creatorDamms, Nicolas Anthonyen
dc.creatorMcCallum, Lucy Moiraen
dc.creatorSarrigiannis, Ptolemaios Georgiosen
dc.creatorZis, Panagiotisen
dc.description.abstractIntroduction: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is an entrapment neuropathy accounting for up to 90% of nerve compression syndromes. It causes both positive and negative symptoms in the hands. These symptoms, especially pain, can be debilitating, which can in turn have a negative effect on patients’ quality of life (QoL). The aim of this cross-sectional case-controlled study was two-folden
dc.description.abstractto compare the QoL of patients with CTS and subjects without CTS and to determine the effect of pain on QoL in patients with CTS.Methods: All patients underwent nerve conduction studies (NCS) and were classified into mild, moderate, severe. QoL was assessed via the SF-36 questionnaire.Results: Fifty-one patients and 45 age- and gender-matched controls were recruited. Prevalence of pain (determined as scoring 4 or above on a visual analog scale) in CTS was 39.2%. CTS patient health-related QOL scores were significantly reduced (p < 0.001) across all of the SF-36 domains, compared to the healthy control group scores. After adjusting for gender presence of pain was still significantly negatively correlated with scores for physical functioning (beta −0.283, p = 0.036).Conclusions: Patients with CTS have a significantly worse QoL compared to subjects without CTS. In addition, the presence of pain is a significant determinant of physical functioning in patients who have been diagnosed with CTS.en
dc.sourcePostgraduate Medicineen
dc.titlePain as a determinant of health-related quality of life in patients with carpal tunnel syndromeen
dc.titlea case-controlled studyen
dc.description.endingpage55Ιατρική Σχολή / Medical SchoolΙατρική Σχολή / Medical School
dc.contributor.orcidZis, Panagiotis [0000-0001-8567-3092]
dc.contributor.orcidSarrigiannis, Ptolemaios Georgios [0000-0002-8380-8755]

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