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      Applications of minimum principle for continuous-time partially observable risk-sensitive control problems 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Hibey, Joseph L. (IEEE, 1995)
      This paper employs the minimum principle derived in [1], for nonlinear partially observable exponential of integral control problems, to solve linear-exponential-quadratic-Gaussian (LEQG) tracking problems using two different ...
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      Bank filters for ML parameter estimation via the Expectation-Maximization algorithm: The continuous-time case 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Logothetis, Andrew; Elliott, Robert J. (1998)
      In this paper we consider continuous-time partially observed systems in which the parameters are unknown. We employ conditional moment generating functions of integrals and stochastic integrals to derive new maximum-likelihood ...
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      Classes of nonlinear partially observable stochastic optimal control problems with explicit optimal control laws 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Elliott, R. J. (1998)
      This paper introduces certain nonlinear partially observable stochastic optimal control problems which are equivalent to completely observable control problems with finite-dimensional state space. In some cases the optimal ...
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      Comparing Different Classifiers for Automatic Age Estimation 

      Lanitis, A.; Draganova, C.; Christodoulou, Chris C. (2004)
      We describe a quantitative evaluation of the performance of different classifiers in the task of automatic age estimation. In this context, we generate a statistical model of facial appearance, which is subsequently used ...
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      Conditional moment generating functions for integrals and stochastic integrals 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Elliott, R. J.; Krishnamurthy, V. (2003)
      In this paper we present two methods for computing filtered estimates for moments of integrals and stochastic integrals of continuous-time nonlinear systems. The first method utilizes recursive stochastic partial differential ...
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      Conformal Mapping for the Efficient Solution of Poisson Problems with the Kansa-RBF Method 

      Liu, X. -Y; Chen, C. S.; Karageorghis, Andreas (2017)
      We consider the solution of Poisson Dirichlet problems in simply-connected irregular domains. These domains are conformally mapped onto the unit disk and the resulting Poisson Dirichlet problems are solved efficiently using ...
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      Congestion games with player-specific constants 

      Mavronicolas, Marios; Milchtaich, I.; Monien, Burkhard; Tiemann, K. (2007)
      We consider a special case of weighted congestion games with player-specific latency functions where each player uses for each particular resource a fixed (non-decreasing) delay function together with a player-specific ...
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      Convergence of belief propagation algorithms on binary pairwise Gibbs random fields 

      Le, T.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2011)
      In this paper, we study the convergence of belief propagation algorithms (BPAs) on binary pairwise Gibbs random fields (BP-GRFs). Exploiting the equivalence of BPA on the graph associated with BP-GRF and the corresponding ...
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      A DFT study of the ground state multiplicities of linear vs angular polyheteroacenes 

      Constantinides, Christos P.; Koutentis, Panayiotis Andreas; Schatz, J. (2004)
      Unrestricted density functional calculations in combination with the broken-symmetry approach and spin-projection methods have been employed to study a series of formally 4n π antiaromatic linear and angular polyheteroacenes. ...
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      Distributed consensus and linear functional calculation in networks: An observability perspective 

      Sundaram, S.; Hadjicostis, Christoforos N. (2007)
      We study the problem of performing sensor fusion and distributed consensus in networks, where the objective is to calculate some linear function of the initial sensor values at some or all of the sensors. We utilize a ...
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      Duality for Hardy spaces on tube domains in C2 and applications 

      Alexandrou, Nikoleta G. (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Σχολή Θετικών και Εφαρμοσμένων Επιστημών / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, 2016-11)
      (...μη διαθέσιμη ηλεκτρονική μορφή της περίληψης)
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      Eight-Dimensional Quantum Hall Effect and "Octonions" 

      Bernevig, B. A.; Hu, Jiang-Ping; Toumbas, Nicolaos K.; Zhang, Shou-Cheng (2003)
      A generalization of the quantum Hall effect (QHE) where particles move in an eight-dimensional space under an SO(8) gauge field was constructed. A nonrelativistic Hamiltonian for particles moving on the S8 in the presence ...
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      Feature mapping through maximization of the atomic interclass distances 

      Karatsiolis, Savvas; Schizas, Christos N. (2015)
      We discuss a way of implementing feature mapping for classification problems by expressing the given data through a set of functions comprising of a mixture of convex functions. In this way, a certain pattern’s potential ...
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      First passage risk-sensitive criterion for stochastic evolutions 

      Charalambous, Charalambos D.; Hibey, Joseph L. (1995)
      The purpose of this paper is to investigate in an infinite dimensional space, the first passage problem with a risk-sensitive performance criterion, and to illustrate the asymptotic behavior of the associated value function, ...
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      Fuzzy logic congestion control in TCP/IP differentiated services networks for quality of service provisioning 

      Chrysostomou, Chrysostomos; Pitsillides, Andreas; Hadjipollas, George; Sekercioglu, Y. Ahmet; Polycarpou, Marios M. (2004)
      A two class Fuzzy Explicit Marking (FEM) controller was designed and used in Differentiated Services Networks for quality of service provisioning. The fuzzy control system is designed to regulate the queues of IP routers ...
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      Grid resource ranking using low-level performance measurements 

      Tsouloupas, George; Dikaiakos, Marios D. (2007)
      This paper outlines a feasible approach to ranking Grid resources based on an easily obtainable application-specific performance model utilizing low-level performance metrics. First, Grid resources are characterized using ...
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      Inclusive search for anomalous production of high-pT like-sign lepton pairs in pp̄ collisions at √s = 1.8 TeV 

      Acosta, D.; Affolder, T.; Albrow, M. G.; Ambrose, D.; Amidei, D.; Anikeev, K.; Antos, J.; Apollinari, G.; Arisawa, T.; Artikov, A.; Ashmanskas, W.; Azfar, F.; Azzi-Bacchetta, P.; Bacchetta, N.; Bachacou, H.; Badgett, W.; Barbaro-Galtieri, A.; Barnes, V. E.; Barnett, B. A.; Baroiant, S.; Barone, M.; Bauer, G.; Bedeschi, F.; Behari, S.; Belforte, S.; Bell, W. H.; Bellettini, G.; Bellinger, J.; Benjamin, D.; Beretvas, Andrew; Bhatti, A.; Binkley, M.; Bisello, D.; Bishai, M.; Blair, R. E.; Blocker, C.; Bloom, K.; Blumenfeld, B.; Bocci, A.; Bodek, A.; Bolla, G.; Bolshov, A.; Bortoletto, D.; Boudreau, J.; Bromberg, C.; Brubaker, E.; Budagov, J.; Budd, H. S.; Burkett, K.; Busetto, G.; Byrum, K. L.; Cabrera, S.; Campbell, M.; Carithers, W.; Carlsmith, D.; Castro, A.; Cauz, D.; Cerri, A.; Cerrito, L.; Chapman, J.; Chen, C.; Chen, Y. C.; Chertok, M.; Chiarelli, G.; Chlachidze, G.; Chlebana, F.; Chu, M. L.; Chung, J. Y.; Chung, W. H.; Chung, Y. S.; Ciobanu, C. I.; Clark, A. G.; Coca, M.; Connolly, A.; Convery, M.; Conway, J.; Cordelli, M.; Cranshaw, J.; Culbertson, R.; Dagenhart, D.; D'Auria, S.; de Barbaro, P.; de Cecco, S.; Dell'Agnello, Simone; dell'Orso, M.; Demers, S.; Demortier, L.; Deninno, M.; de Pedis, D.; Derwent, P. F.; Dionisi, Carlo; Dittmann, J. R.; Dominguez, A.; Donati, S.; D'Onofrio, M.; Dorigo, T.; Eddy, N.; Erbacher, R.; Errede, D.; Errede, S.; Eusebi, R.; Farrington, S.; Feild, R. G.; Fernandez, J. P.; Ferretti, C.; Field, R. D.; Fiori, I.; Flaugher, B.; Flores-Castillo, L. R.; Foster, G. W.; Franklin, M.; Friedman, J.; Furic, I.; Gallinaro, M.; Garcia-Sciveres, M.; Garfinkel, A. F.; Gay, C.; Gerdes, D. W.; Gerstein, E.; Giagu, S.; Giannetti, P.; Giolo, K.; Giordani, M.; Giromini, P.; Glagolev, V.; Glenzinski, D.; Gold, M.; Goldschmidt, N.; Goldstein, J.; Gomez, G.; Goncharov, M.; Gorelov, I.; Goshaw, A. T.; Gotra, Y.; Goulianos, Konstantin; Gresele, A.; Grosso-Pilcher, C.; Guenther, M.; Guimaraes da Costa, J.; Haber, C.; Hahn, S. R.; Halkiadakis, Eva; Handler, R.; Happacher, F.; Hara, K.; Harris, R. M.; Hartmann, F.; Hatakeyama, K.; Hauser, J.; Heinrich, J.; Hennecke, M.; Herndon, M.; Hill, C.; Hocker, A.; Hoffman, K. D.; Hou, S.; Huffman, B. T.; Hughes, R.; Huston, J.; Issever, C.; Incandela, J.; Introzzi, G.; Iori, M.; Ivanov, A.; Iwata, Y.; Iyutin, B.; James, E.; Jones, M.; Kamon, T.; Kang, J.; Karagoz Unel, M.; Kartal, S.; Kasha, H.; Kato, Y.; Kennedy, R. D.; Kephart, R.; Kilminster, B.; Kim, D. H.; Kim, H. S.; Kim, M. J.; Kim, S. B.; Kim, S. H.; Kim, T. H.; Kim, Y. K.; Kirby, M.; Kirsch, L.; Klimenko, S.; Koehn, P.; Kondo, K.; Konigsberg, J.; Korn, A.; Korytov, A.; Kroll, J.; Kruse, M.; Krutelyov, V.; Kuhlmann, S. E.; Kuznetsova, N.; Laasanen, A. T.; Lami, S.; Lammel, S.; Lancaster, J.; Lannon, K.; Lancaster, M.; Lander, R.; Lath, A.; Latino, G.; le Compte, T.; Le, Y.; Lee, J.; Lee, S. W.; Leonardo, N.; Leone, S.; Lewis, J. D.; Li, K.; Lin, C. S.; Lindgren, M.; Liss, T. M.; Liu, T.; Litvintsev, D. O.; Lockyer, N. S.; Loginov, A.; Loreti, M.; Lucchesi, D.; Lukens, P.; Lyons, L.; Lys, J.; Madrak, R.; Maeshima, K.; Maksimovic, P.; Malferrari, L.; Mangano, M.; Manca, G.; Mariotti, M.; Martin, M.; Martin, A.; Martin, V.; Martínez, M.; Mazzanti, P.; McFarland, K. S.; McIntyre, P.; Menguzzato, M.; Menzione, A.; Merkel, P.; Mesropian, C.; Meyer, A.; Miao, T.; Miller, R.; Miller, J. S.; Miscetti, S.; Mitselmakher, G.; Moggi, N.; Moore, R.; Moulik, T.; Mulhearn, M.; Mukherjee, A.; Muller, T.; Munar, A.; Murat, P.; Nachtman, J.; Nahn, S.; Nakano, I.; Napora, R.; Niell, F.; Nelson, C.; Nelson, T.; Neu, C.; Neubauer, M. S.; Newman-Holmes, C.; Nigmanov, T.; Nodulman, L.; Oh, S. H.; Oh, Y. D.; Ohsugi, T.; Okusawa, T.; Orejudos, W.; Pagliarone, C.; Palmonari, F.; Paoletti, R.; Papadimitriou, Vaia; Patrick, J.; Pauletta, G.; Paulini, M.; Pauly, T.; Paus, C.; Pellett, D.; Penzo, A.; Phillips, T. J.; Piacentino, G.; Piedra, J.; Pitts, K. T.; Pompoš, A.; Pondrom, L.; Pope, G.; Pratt, T.; Prokoshin, F.; Proudfoot, J.; Ptohos, Fotios; Poukhov, O.; Punzi, G.; Rademacker, J.; Rakitine, A.; Ratnikov, F.; Ray, H.; Reichold, A.; Renton, P.; Rescigno, M.; Rimondi, F.; Ristori, L.; Robertson, W. J.; Rodrigo, T.; Rolli, S.; Rosenson, L.; Roser, R.; Rossin, R.; Rott, C.; Roy, A.; Ruiz, A.; Ryan, D.; Safonov, A.; Denis, R. S.; Sakumoto, W. K.; Saltzberg, D.; Sanchez, C.; Sansoni, A.; Santi, L.; Sarkar, S.; Savard, P.; Savoy-Navarro, A.; Schlabach, P.; Schmidt, E. E.; Schmidt, M. P.; Schmitt, M.; Scodellaro, L.; Scribano, A.; Sedov, A.; Seidel, S.; Seiya, Y.; Semenov, A.; Semeria, F.; Shapiro, M. D.; Shepard, P. F.; Shibayama, T.; Shimojima, M.; Shochet, M.; Sidoti, A.; Sill, A.; Sinervo, P.; Slaughter, A. J.; Sliwa, K.; Snider, F. D.; Snihur, R.; Spezziga, M.; Spinella, F.; Spiropulu, Maria; Spiegel, L.; Stefanini, A.; Strologas, John; Stuart, D.; Sukhanov, A.; Sumorok, K.; Suzuki, T.; Takashima, R.; Takikawa, K.; Tanaka, M.; Tecchio, M.; Tesarek, R. J.; Teng, P. K.; Terashi, K.; Tether, S.; Thom, J.; Thompson, A. S.; Thomson, E.; Tipton, P.; Tkaczyk, S.; Toback, D.; Tollefson, K.; Tonelli, D.; Tönnesmann, M.; Toyoda, H.; Trischuk, W.; Tseng, J.; Tsybychev, D.; Turini, N.; Ukegawa, F.; Unverhau, T.; Vaiciulis, T.; Varganov, A.; Vataga, E.; Vejcik, S.; Velev, G.; Veramendi, G.; Vidal, R.; Vila, I.; Vilar, R.; Volobouev, I.; von der Mey, M.; Wagner, R. G.; Wagner, R. L.; Wagner, W.; Wan, Z.; Wang, C.; Wang, M. J.; Wang, S. M.; Ward, B.; Waschke, S.; Waters, D.; Watts, T.; Weber, M.; Wester, W. C.; Whitehouse, B.; Wicklund, A. B.; Wicklund, E.; Williams, H. H.; Wilson, P.; Winer, B. L.; Wisniewski, N.; Wolbers, S.; Wolter, M.; Worcester, M.; Worm, S.; Wu, X.; Würthwein, F.; Yang, U. K.; Yao, W.; Yeh, G. P.; Yi, K.; Yoh, J.; Yoshida, T.; Yu, I.; Yu, S.; Yun, J. C.; Zanello, L.; Zanetti, A.; Zetti, F.; Zucchelli, S. (2004)
      A search for anomalous production of events with at least two charged, isolated, like-sign leptons was discussed. A signal region, which contains low background from standard model (SM) processes, was defined. The final ...
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      A Kansa-Radial Basis Function Method for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems in Annular Domains 

      Liu, X. -Y; Karageorghis, Andreas; Chen, C. S. (2015)
      We employ a Kansa-radial basis function (RBF) method for the numerical solution of elliptic boundary value problems in annular domains. This discretization leads, with an appropriate selection of collocation points and for ...
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      Kansa-RBF algorithms for elliptic problems in axisymmetric domains 

      Karageorghis, Andreas; Chen, C. S.; Liu, X. -Y (2016)
      We employ a Kansa-radial basis function method for the numerical solution of elliptic boundary value problems in three-dimensional axisymmetric domains. We consider problems governed by the Poisson equation, the inhomogeneous ...
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      LES of the flow past a rectangular cylinder using the immersed boundary concept 

      Grigoriadis, D. G. E.; Bartzis, J. G.; Goulas, A. (2003)
      Incompressible turbulent flow past a long square cylinder is investigated using large eddy simulations LES). Results are presented and compared with available experimental databases for a Reynolds number Red = 22 000. The ...