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      Acceptance and resolution simulation studies for the dielectron spectrometer HADES at GSI 

      Schicker, R.; Brenschede, A.; Garrow, K.; Schön, H.; Bałanda, A.; Bokemeyer, H.; Friese, J.; Karig, W.; Kienle, P.; Koenig, W.; Kühn, W.; Lefèvre, F.; Metag, V.; Roche, G.; Salabura, P.; Schröter, A.; Stroth, J.; Tsertos, Haralambos (1996)
      Design studies for a second generation dilepton spectrometer to be built at the SIS accelerator of GSI Darmstadt are presented. The basic design parameters of this system are specified and the different detector components ...
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      ARPES studies of the superconducting gap in high-temperature superconductors 

      Ding, H.; Norman, M. R.; Giapintzakis, John; Campuzano, Juan C.; Claus, H.; Wuehl, H.; Randeria, M.; Bellman, A.; Yokoya, T.; Takahashi, T.; Mochiku, T.; Kadowaki, Kazuo; Ginsberg, Don M. (Affiliation: Argonne Natl. Lab. and Univ. of, Illinois/Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA, United StatesCorrespondence Address: Ding, H.Argonne Natl. Lab. and Univ. of, Illinois/Chicago, Chicago, IL, USAUnited States, 1996)
      Using high resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), we measure the superconducting gap and its momentum dependence in the high temperature superconductors Bi 2Sr 2CaCu 2O 8 (Bi2212) and YBa 2Cu 3O 6.95 ...
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      Organized silica films generated by evaporation-induced self-assembly as hosts for iron oxide nanoparticles 

      Andreou, Ioanna; Amenitsch, H.; Likodimos, Vlassis; Falaras, Polycarpos; Koutsoukos, Petros George; Leontidis, Epameinondas (2013)
      In this work, we prepared oriented mesoporous thin films of silica on various solid substrates using the pluronic block copolymer P123 as a template. We attempted to insert guest iron oxide (FexOy) nanoparticles into these ...
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      Tunneling in Pb-YBCO junctions: Determining the symmetry of the pairing state 

      Wollman, D. A.; Harlingen, D. J. Van; Giapintzakis, John; Ginsberg, D. M. (1995)
      We report on our efforts to understand the origin of supercurrent observed in c-axis tunnel junctions on YBCO [Sun A. G. et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 72, 2267 (1994).] by studying the phase coherence of a-axis/c-axis and ...