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      Ambiguous Role of Growth-Induced Defects on the Semiconductor-to-Metal Characteristics in Epitaxial VO2/TiO2 Thin Films 

      Mihailescu, C. N.; Symeou, E.; Svoukis, E.; Negrea, R. F.; Ghica, C.; Teodorescu, V.; Tanase, L. C.; Negrila, C.; Giapintzakis, John (2018)
      Controlling the semiconductor-to-metal transition temperature in epitaxial VO2 thin films remains an unresolved question both at the fundamental as well as the application level. Within the scope of this work, the effects ...
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      Hall effect study of magnetoresistive perovskite LaNi0.5Co 0.5O3 thin films 

      Androulakis, J.; Giapintzakis, John (2004)
      We report on the Hall effect of LaNi0.5Co0.5O 3 magnetoresistive thin films grown on Si(100) substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The Hall resistivity exhibits sign reversals both in varying magnetic field and temperature, ...
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      Indium oxide as a possible tunnel barrier in spintronic devices 

      Androulakis, J.; Gardelis, S.; Giapintzakis, John; Gagaoudakis, E.; Kiriakidis, G. (2005)
      We report the growth of ultra-thin indium oxide layers using the dc-magnetron sputtering method. We demonstrate that good quality tunnel barriers made of indium oxide can be routinely fabricated and employed in spintronic-related ...
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      Magnetic properties of Fe/AlO x/GaAs(001) structures 

      Vaz, C. A. F.; Ionescu, A.; Trypiniotis, Theodossis; Bland, J. A. C.; Dalgliesh, R. M.; Langridge, S. (2005)
      We report results on the effect of the Al Ox barrier layer on the magnetic moment of Fe using polarized neutron reflection. The sample has nominal composition 25 nm Au5 nm Fe1.3 nm Al Ox GaAs (001). The metal deposition ...
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      Magnetic properties of Fe3O4 thin films grown on different substrates by laser ablation 

      Paramês, M. L.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Rogalski, M. S.; Mariano, J.; Popovici, N.; Giapintzakis, John; Conde, O. (2007)
      Magnetite thin films have been grown onto (1 0 0)Si, (1 0 0)GaAs and (0 0 0 1)Al2O3, at substrate temperatures varying from 473 to 673 K, by UV pulsed laser ablation of Fe3O4 targets in reactive atmospheres of O2 and Ar, ...
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      Magnetic properties of the half-metallic ferromagnet NiMnSb grown on InSb by pulsed laser deposition 

      Androulakis, J.; Gardelis, S.; Giapintzakis, John; Buckle, P. D. (2004)
      We have grown films of the half-metallic ferromagnet NiMnSb on single crystals of the narrow gap semiconductor InSb by pulsed laser deposition. NiMnSb is a possible candidate for spin injection applications. The film ...
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      Magnetoresistance of magnetite thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition on GaAs(1 0 0) and Al2O3(0 0 0 1) 

      Paramês, M. L.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Giapintzakis, John; Rogalski, M. S.; Conde, O. (2007)
      Magnetotransport properties of magnetite thin films deposited on gallium arsenide and sapphire substrates at growth temperatures between 473 and 673 K are presented. The films were grown by UV pulsed laser ablation in ...
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      Pulsed-laser deposition of NiMnSb thin films at moderate temperatures 

      Giapintzakis, John; Grigorescu, C.; Klini, A.; Manousaki, A.; Zorba, V.; Androulakis, J.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Fotakis, C. (2002)
      Thin films of the half-Heusler alloy NiMnSb, which is predicted by band-structure calculations to be a half-metallic ferromagnet, were grown on various substrates (Si and InAs) using pulsed-laser deposition. The growth ...
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      Stoichiometry issues in pulsed laser deposition of the ferromagnetic alloy NiMnSb 

      Grigorescu, C. E. A.; Monnereau, O.; Manea, S. A.; Notonier, R.; Klini, A.; Zorba, V.; Manousaki, A.; Giapintzakis, John; Fotakis, C. (Affiliation: NIRDO, BucharestAffiliation: MADIREL, Univ. Provence Centre St. Charles, Marseille, FranceAffiliation: Natl. Inst. Res. Devmt. Mat. Phy., BucharestAffiliation: Foundation for Res. and Technology, HELLAS, Inst. Electron. Structure and Laser, Heraklion, Crete, GreeceCorrespondence Address: Grigorescu, C.E.A.NIRDO, Bucharest, 2002)
      We report on the reproducible growth of stoichiometric thin films of ferromagnetic intermetallic compound NiMnSb by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) on various substrates. The films are grown at moderate temperature (around ...
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      Synthesis and characterization of Cr-B-N coatings deposited by reactive arc evaporation 

      Polychronopoulou, K.; Neidhardt, J.; Rebholz, Claus; Baker, M. A.; O'Sullivan, M.; Reiter, A. E.; Gunnaes, A. E.; Giannakopoulos, K.; Mitterer, C. (2008)
      Nanocomposite Cr-B-N coatings were deposited from CrB0.2 compound targets by reactive arc evaporation using an Ar/N2 discharge at 500 °C and -20 V substrate bias. Elastic recoil detection (ERDA), x-ray photoelectron ...