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      Effects of hormonal treatment on lipids in patients with cancer 

      Filippatos, T. D.; Liberopoulos, E. N.; Pavlidis, Nicholas; Elisaf, Moses S.; Mikhailidis, Dimitri P. (2009)
      Patients with malignant disease may need hormonal therapy as primary or adjuvant treatment or for palliation. Oestrogens usually decrease serum levels of total cholesterol (TC) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol ...
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      Re: The influence of tamoxifen on serum triglycerides 

      Elisaf, Moses S.; Bairaktari, Eleni Th; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2000)
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      Tamoxifen-induced severe hypertriglyceridemia and pancreatitis 

      Elisaf, Moses S.; Nakou, K.; Liamis, G.; Pavlidis, Nicholas (2000)
      Tamoxifen exhibits favorable effects on the lipid and lipoprotein profile since it decreases the total and LDL cholesterol levels as well as the Lp(a) levels. Additionally, a small increase in serum triglycerides is commonly ...