• Book Chapter  

      Cognitive education and reading disability 

      Das, J. P.; Parrila, Rauno K.; Papadopoulos, Timothy C. (Pergamon Press, 2000)
      Lays the groundwork and presents reading as a cognitive activity. The authors] provide a discussion of Planning, Attention, Simultaneous processing, and Successive processing (PASS) theory of intelligence (J. P. Das et al, ...
    • Article  

      Cycles in speed-working memory-G relations: Towards a developmental-differential theory of the mind 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis,George C.; Shayer, Michael; Mouyi, Antigoni; Kazi, Smaragda; Platsidou, M. (2013)
      This article presents three studies, two of them longitudinal, which investigated the relations between age, processing speed, working memory (WM), and fluid intelligence (g f) from 4 to 16years of age. Structural equation ...
    • Doctoral Thesis  Open Access

      Developmental dynamics binding processing efficiency, working memory and reasoning: a longitudinal study 

      Mouyi, Antigoni (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Σχολή Κοινωνικών Επιστημών και Επιστημών Αγωγής / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, 2008-06)
      Η μελέτη της ανάπτυξης και των δυναμικών αλληλεπιδράσεων των γνωστικών παραμέτρων της ευφυΐας στις ηλικίες 6-11 χρόνων, αποτελούν το σκοπό της παρούσης έρευνας. Η έρευνα ήταν διαχρονική και διεξήχθη σε δύο κύματα με χρονική ...
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      Developmental intelligence: From empirical to hidden constructs 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis,George C.; Shayer, Michael (2013)
      This article answers some of the criticisms and suggestions of the three commentaries. We showed, in agreement with Coyle, that (i) variability is indeed distinct from speed, (ii) they both additively reflect processing ...
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      Do neurocognitive deficits in decision making differentiate conduct disorder subtypes? 

      Fanti, Kostas A.; Kimonis, Eva R.; Hadjicharalambous, Maria-Zoe; Steinberg, L. (Dr. Dietrich Steinkopff Verlag GmbH and Co. KG, 2016)
      The present study aimed to test whether neurocognitive deficits involved in decision making underlie subtypes of conduct-disorder (CD) differentiated on the basis of callous-unemotional (CU) traits. Eighty-five participants ...
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      Educating the Developing Mind: Towards an Overarching Paradigm 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis,George C.; Mouyi, Antigoni (2011)
      This essay first summarizes an overarching theory of cognitive organization and development. This theory claims that the human mind involves (1) several specialized structural systems dealing with different domains of ...
    • Book Chapter  

      Human Intelligence: From Local Models to Universal Theory 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Papadopoulos, Timothy C. (Cambridge University Press, 2004)
      This book is unique in the sense that it provides a synopsis, that is, a comprehensive and concise picture of the history and current theory, research, and practice in the field of the psychology of intelligence all over ...
    • Article  

      Inference, reconceptualization, sight, and efficiency along intellectual growth: A general theory 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis,George C.; Shayer, Michael (2014)
      This article summarizes a comprehensive theory of intellectual organization and growth. The theory specifies a common core of processes (Abstraction, representational Alignment, and Cognizance, i.e., AACog) underlying ...
    • Article  

      Integrating mathematical abilities and creativity in the assessment of mathematical giftedness 

      Kontoyianni, Katerina; Kattou, Maria; Pitta-Pantazi, Demetra; Christou, Constantinos (Pabst Science Publishers, 2013)
      This study aims to examine the structure of the relationship between intelligence and mathematical giftedness and build a comprehensive model to describe this relationship and the nature of mathematical giftedness. This ...
    • Book Chapter  

      Mind and intelligence: Integrating developmental, psychometric, and cognitive theories of human mind 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis, George C. (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
      This chapter summarizes a comprehensive theory of intellectual organization and growth. The theory specifies a common core of processes (abstraction, representational alignment, and cognizance, i.e., AACog) underlying ...
    • Article  

      Mind-culture interactions: How writing molds mental fluidity in early development 

      Kazi, Smaragda; Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis,George C.; Zhang, X. K.; Wang, Y. (2012)
      This study investigated intellectual development in 4-7. years old Greek and Chinese children. They were examined on speeded performance, working memory, reasoning, and self-awareness tasks in order to investigate possible ...
    • Article  

      Models of intelligence and learning: An interview with Jagannath P. Das 

      Molloy, Geoffrey N.; Papadopoulos, Timothy C. (2007)
      This article presents, Goeffrey N. Molloy (GNM) and Timothy C. Papadopoulos (TCP) Conversation With J. P. Das (JPD), on the topic 'Models of intelligence and learning'. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)
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      Rejoinder in Defense of the Standard model of the Mind: From Whimsical to Systematic Science 

      Demetriou, Andreas P.; Spanoudis,George C.; Mouyi, Antigoni (2012)
      This rejoinder discusses the issues raised by the three commentators of the target article. In agreement with Hunt, it is accepted that, as any overarching theory in any science, it does involve postulates about the mind ...
    • Article  

      Relationship between surface-based brain morphometric measures and intelligence in autism spectrum disorders: Influence of history of language delay 

      Balardin, J. B.; Sato, J. R.; Vieira, G.; Feng, Yue; Daly,Eileen M.; Murphy,Clodagh M.; Bailey, Anthony J.; Carrington, S.; Jezzard, Peter; Stewart, R.; Baron-Cohen,Simon; Bullmore,Edward T.; Chakrabarti,B.; Henty, Julian; Lai,Meng-Chuan; Lombardo,Michael V.; Pasco, Greg; Ruigrok,Amber N. V.; Sadek,Susan A.; Suckling,John; Wheelwright,Sally J.; Bolton, P. F.; Catani, Marco; Craig, Michael C.; Daly,Eileen M.; Deoni,Sean C. L.; Ecker,C.; Happé,Francesca; Johnston,Patrick; Jones, D. K.; Madden, A.; Mullins, D.; Murphy,Clodagh M.; Murphy,Declan G. M.; Spain,D.; Williams,Steven C. R.; Wilson, C. E.; Murphy,Clodagh M. (2015)
      Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a group of conditions that show abnormalities in the neuroanatomy of multiple brain regions. The variability in the development of intelligence and language among individuals on the ...