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      The Ink4/Arf locus is a barrier for iPS cell reprogramming 

      Li, H.; Collado, M.; Villasante, A.; Strati, Katerina; Ortega, S.; Cãamero, M.; Blasco, M. A.; Serrano, M. (2009)
      The mechanisms involved in the reprogramming of differentiated cells into induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells by the three transcription factors Oct4 (also known as Pou5f1), Klf4 and Sox2 remain poorly understood. The ...
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      The mouse Foxi3 transcription factor is necessary for the development of posterior placodes 

      Birol, O.; Ohyama, T.; Edlund, R. K.; Drakou, Katerina; Georgiades, Pantelis; Groves, A. K. (2016)
      The inner ear develops from the otic placode, one of the cranial placodes that arise from a region of ectoderm adjacent to the anterior neural plate called the pre-placodal domain. We have identified a Forkhead family ...