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      Discrete and encapsulated molecular grids: Homometallic Mn15 and heterometallic Mn24Ni2 aggregates 

      Charalambous, Maria; Zartilas, Sotiris M.; Moushi, Eleni E.; Papatriantafyllopoulou, Constantina; Manos, Manolis J.; Stamatatos, Theocharis C.; Mukherjee, S.; Nastopoulos, Vassilios; Christou, George; Tasiopoulos, Anastasios J. (2014)
      Two molecular grid-like clusters are reported, one is a discrete [3 × 5] grid and the other a [3 × 4] grid within a Mn12Ni 2 loop. Both Mn24Ni2 and Mn15 aggregates display novel and aesthetically pleasing structures with ...
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      LaSrMnCoO6: A new cubic double perovskite oxide 

      Androulakis, J.; Katsarakis, N.; Giapintzakis, John; Vouroutzis, N.; Pavlidou, E.; Chrissafis, K.; Polychroniadis, E. K.; Perdikatsis, V. (2003)
      Single-phase polycrystalline powder samples of the double perovskite oxide LaSrMnCoO6 were synthesized by the Pechini (citrate-gel) technique. The structural, magnetic and electrical properties of the obtained powders were ...
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      Mixed transition metal-lanthanide complexes at high oxidation states: Heteronuclear CeIVMnIV clusters 

      Tasiopoulos, Anastasios J.; Milligan Jr., P. L.; Abboud, K. A.; O'Brien, T. A.; Christou, George (2007)
      The syntheses of the first mixed-metal CeIVMnIV complexes are reported. [CeMn2O3(O2CMe)(NO 3)4(H2O)2(bpy)2]-(NO 3) (1
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      Mixed Transition-Metal - Lanthanide Complexes at Higher Oxidation States: Heteronuclear CeIV-MnIV Clusters 

      Tasiopoulos, Anastasios J.; O'Brien, T. A.; Abboud, K. A.; Christou, George (2004)
      Wheels within wheels: A new family of mixed cerium(IV)-manganese(IV) clusters has been prepared spanning a range of Ce:Mn ratios from 3:2 to 1:6. The unusual core of the latter CeMn6 complex is shown (Ce green, Mn blue, O ...
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      Monolayer properties of surface-active metalorganic complexes with a tunable headgroup 

      Mallouri, R.; Keramidas, Anastasios D.; Brezesinski, G.; Leontidis, Epameinondas (2008)
      Surface-active metalorganic complexes can be used to construct organic thin films with excellent electronic and catalytic properties. We have recently introduced a new versatile surface-active ligand, which can efficiently ...