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      Cognitive education and reading disability 

      Das, J. P.; Parrila, Rauno K.; Papadopoulos, Timothy C. (Pergamon Press, 2000)
      Lays the groundwork and presents reading as a cognitive activity. The authors] provide a discussion of Planning, Attention, Simultaneous processing, and Successive processing (PASS) theory of intelligence (J. P. Das et al, ...
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      Efficacy of a cognitive reading remediation program for at-risk children in grade 1 

      Parrila, Rauno K.; Das, J. P.; Kendrick, Maureen E.; Papadopoulos, Timothy C.; Kirby, John R. (2000)
      Fifty-eight Grade 1 children experiencing reading difficulties were divided into two matched remediation groups: PREP (PASS Reading Enhancement Program) (see Das & Kendrick, 1997) and Meaning-Based Reading intervention. ...