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    Social Contract-building for Peace: Dissonant Duello of Subnational Social Contracts in Cyprus 

    Lordos, Alexandros; Dagli-Hustings, I. (Wits School of Governance Working Paper Series, 2018)
    Executive Summary The protracted conflict in Cyprus produced two competing governance structures that nurtured their own competing and ethnocentric subnational social contracts for almost five decades. Competing loyalties ...
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    Large-scale associations between the leukocyte transcriptome and BOLD responses to speech differ in autism early language outcome subtypes 

    Lombardo, Michael V.; Pramparo, Tiziano; Gazestani, Vahid; Warrier, Varun; Bethlehem, Richard A. I.; Carter Barnes, Cynthia; Lopez, Linda; Lewis, Nathan E.; Eyler, Lisa; Pierce, Karen; Courchesne, Eric (2018)
    Heterogeneity in early language development in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is clinically important and may reflect neurobiologically distinct subtypes. Here, we identified a large-scale association between multiple ...
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    Star City, Mars 

    Lordos, G.; Lordos, Alexandros (The Mars Society, 2019)
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    EU-AIMS Longitudinal European Autism Project (LEAP): the autism twin cohort 

    Isaksson, Johan; Tammimies, Kristiina; Neufeld, Janina; Cauvet, Élodie; Lundin, Karl; Buitelaar, Jan K.; Loth, Eva; Murphy, Declan G. M.; Spooren, Will; Bölte, Sven; Ahmad, Jumana; Ambrosino, Sara; Auyeung, Bonnie; Banaschewski, Tobias; Baron-Cohen, Simon; Baumeister, Sarah; Beckmann, Christian; Bourgeron, Thomas; Bours, Carsten; Brammer, Michael; Brandeis, Daniel; Brogna, Claudia; de Bruijn, Yvette; Chakrabarti, Bhismadev; Charman, Tony; Crawley, Daisy; Cornelissen, Ineke; Dell’ Acqua, Flavio; Dumas, Guillaume; Durston, Sarah; Ecker, Christine; Frouin, Vincent; Garcés, Pilar; Goyard, David; Ham, Lindsay; Hayward, Hannah; Hipp, Joerg; Holt, Rosemary J.; Johnson, Mark H.; Jones, Emily J. H.; Kundu, Prantik; Lai, Meng-Chuan; D’ardhuy, Xavier Liogier; Lombardo, Michael; Lythgoe, David J.; Mandl, René; Mason, Luke; Meyer-Lindenberg, Andreas; Moessnang, Carolin; Mueller, Nico; O’Dwyer, Laurence; Oldehinkel, Marianne; Oranje, Bob; Pandina, Gahan; Persico, Antonio M.; Ruggeri, Barbara; Ruigrok, Amber; Sabet, Jessica; Sacco, Roberto; Cáceres, Antonia San José; Simonoff, Emily; Tillmann, Julian; Toro, Roberto; Tost, Heike; Waldman, Jack; Williams, Steve C. R.; Wooldridge, Caroline; Zwiers, Marcel P.; the EU-AIMS LEAP group (2018)
    EU-AIMS is the largest European research program aiming to identify stratification biomarkers and novel interventions for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Within the program, the Longitudinal European Autism Project (LEAP) ...
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    An evidence-based analysis of the psychosocial adaptability of conflict-exposed adolescents and the role of the education system as a protective environment 

    Lordos, Alexandros; Morin, Herve; Fanti, Kostas; Lemishka, Oksana; Guest, Alexander; Symeou, Maria; Kontoulis, Maria; Hadjimina, Eleana (UNICEF, 2019)
    The ongoing armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, now in its fifth year, remains omnipresent in the daily lives of young people across the country including through its far-reaching socio-economic consequences and, for those ...
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    Mindfulness and dynamic functional neural connectivity in children and adolescents 

    Marusak, Hilary A.; Elrahal, Farrah; Peters, Craig A.; Kundu, Prantik; Lombardo, Michael V.; Calhoun, Vince D.; Goldberg, Elimelech K.; Cohen, Cindy; Taub, Jeffrey W.; Rabinak, Christine A. (2018)
    BACKGROUND: Interventions that promote mindfulness consistently show salutary effects on cognition and emotional wellbeing in adults, and more recently, in children and adolescents. However, we lack understanding of the ...
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    Forging Resilient Social Contracts: A Pathway to Preventing Violent Conflict and Sustaining Peace (Summary Findings) 

    McCandless, E.; Hollender, R.; Zahar, M.; Schwoebel, M.; Menochal, A.; Lordos, Alexandros (UNDP Oslo Governance Centre, 2018)
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    The ASD Living Biology: from cell proliferation to clinical phenotype 

    Courchesne, Eric; Pramparo, Tiziano; Gazestani, Vahid H.; Lombardo, Michael V.; Pierce, Karen; Lewis, Nathan E. (2019)
    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has captured the attention of scientists, clinicians and the lay public because of its uncertain origins and striking and unexplained clinical heterogeneity. Here we review genetic, genomic, ...
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    Neural self-representation in autistic women and association with ‘compensatory camouflaging’: 

    Lai, Meng-Chuan; Lombardo, Michael V.; Chakrabarti, Bhismadev; Ruigrok, Amber NV; Bullmore, Edward T.; Suckling, John; Auyeung, Bonnie; Happé, Francesca; Szatmari, Peter; Baron-Cohen, Simon (2019)
    Prior work has revealed sex/gender-dependent autistic characteristics across behavioural and neural/biological domains. It remains unclear whether and how neura...
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    Sex Differences in the Adult Human Brain: Evidence from 5216 UK Biobank Participants 

    Ritchie, Stuart J.; Cox, Simon R.; Shen, Xueyi; Lombardo, Michael V.; Reus, Lianne M.; Alloza, Clara; Harris, Mathew A.; Alderson, Helen L.; Hunter, Stuart; Neilson, Emma; Liewald, David C. M.; Auyeung, Bonnie; Whalley, Heather C.; Lawrie, Stephen M.; Gale, Catharine R.; Bastin, Mark E.; McIntosh, Andrew M.; Deary, Ian J. (2018)
    Abstract. Sex differences in the human brain are of interest for many reasons: for example, there are sex differences in the observed prevalence of psychiatric
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    Altered Connectivity Between Cerebellum, Visual, and Sensory-Motor Networks in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Results from the EU-AIMS Longitudinal European Autism Project 

    Oldehinkel, Marianne; Mennes, Maarten; Marquand, Andre; Charman, Tony; Tillmann, Julian; Ecker, Christine; Dell'Acqua, Flavio; Brandeis, Daniel; Banaschewski, Tobias; Baumeister, Sarah; Moessnang, Carolin; Baron-Cohen, Simon; Holt, Rosemary; Bölte, Sven; Durston, Sarah; Kundu, Prantik; Lombardo, Michael V.; Spooren, Will; Loth, Eva; Murphy, Declan G. M.; Beckmann, Christian F.; Buitelaar, Jan K.; EU-AIMS LEAP group (2019)
    BACKGROUND: Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging-based studies on functional connectivity in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have generated inconsistent results. Interpretation of findings is further hampered ...
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    The effect of age on vertex-based measures of the grey-white matter tissue contrast in autism spectrum disorder 

    Mann, Caroline; Bletsch, Anke; Andrews, Derek; Daly, Eileen; Murphy, Clodagh; Murphy, Declan; Ecker, Christine; MRC AIMS Consortium; Lombardo, Michael V. (2018)
    Histological evidence suggests that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is accompanied by a reduced integrity of the grey-white matter boundary. This has also recently been confirmed by a structural neuroimaging study in vivo ...
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    A Machine Learning Approach to Reveal the NeuroPhenotypes of Autisms 

    Górriz, Juan M.; Ramírez, Javier; Segovia, F.; Martínez, Francisco J.; Lai, Meng-Chuan; Lombardo, Michael V.; Baron-Cohen, Simon; MRC AIMS Consortium; Suckling, John (2019)
    Although much research has been undertaken, the spatial patterns, developmental course, and sexual dimorphism of brain structure associated with autism remains enigmatic. One of the difficulties in investigating differences ...
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    Maternal immune activation dysregulation of the fetal brain transcriptome and relevance to the pathophysiology of autism spectrum disorder 

    Lombardo, Michael V.; Moon, H. M.; Su, J.; Palmer, T. D.; Courchesne, E.; Pramparo, T. (2018)
    Maternal immune activation (MIA) via infection during pregnancy is known to increase risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, it is unclear how MIA disrupts fetal brain gene expression in ways that may explain ...
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    Factorial Structure, Gender Invariance, and Predictive Validity of the Students’ Conceptions of Assessment-VI Inventory 

    Michaelides, Michalis P.; Solomonidou, Georgia (2019)
    Abstract. Student conceptions about assessment may be positive or negative, exemplify various beliefs and expectations, and are hypothesized to relate to student outcomes, for example, grades. The current study investigates ...
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    Negative Keying Effects in the Factor Structure of TIMSS 2011 Motivation Scales and Associations with Reading Achievement 

    Michaelides, Michalis P. (2019)
    The Student Background survey administered along with achievement tests in studies of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement includes scales of student motivation, competence, and ...
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    Sex-specific impact of prenatal androgens on social brain default mode subsystems 

    Lombardo, Michael V.; Auyeung, Bonnie; Pramparo, Tiziano; Courraud, Jérémie; Holt, Rosemary J.; Waldman, Jack; Ruigrok, Amber N. V.; Mooney, Natasha; Bethlehem, Richard A. I.; Lai, Meng-Chuan; Kundu, Prantik; Bullmore, Edward T.; Mandel, Jean-Louis; Piton, Amélie; Baron-Cohen, Simon; Quartier, Angélique (2018)
    Early-onset neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g., autism) affect males more frequently than females. Androgens may play a role in this male-bias by sex-differentially impacting early prenatal brain development, particularly ...
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    Teachers' Conceptions of Assessment: A Global Phenomenon or a Global Localism 

    Brown, Gavin T. L.; Gebril, Atta; Michaelides, Michalis P. (2019)
    How teachers conceive of the nature and purpose of assessment matters to the implementation of classroom assessment and the preparation of students for high-stakes external examinations or qualifications. It is highly ...
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    Adolescents’ reasons for consuming energy drinks: Validation and factor structure of a new scale 

    Karekla, Maria; Christodoulou, Nafsika; Michaelides, Michalis P.; Constantinou, Marios (2019)
    Energy drinks (EnDs) are popular caffeinated beverages, especially among youth. Despite high consumption, links with risky behaviors, and adverse health effects, very few measures exist for examining reasons that drive ...
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    Experiential Avoidance as a Common Psychological Process in European Cultures 

    Monestès, Jean-Louis; Karekla, Maria; Jacobs, Nele; Michaelides, Michalis P.; Hooper, Nic; Kleen, Marco; Ruiz, Francisco J.; Miselli, Giovanni; Presti, Giovambattista; Luciano, Carmen; Villatte, Matthieu; Bond, Frank W.; Kishita, Naoko; Hayes, Steven C. (2018)
    Abstract. Experiential avoidance, the tendency to rigidly escape or avoid private psychological experiences, represents one of the most prominent transdiagnostic psychological processes with a known role in a wide variety ...

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