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    Digipoe: an open standard and reference implementation for digital portfolios 

    Georgiou, Eleni; Stassopoulou, Athena; Dikaiakos, Marios (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
    In this paper we present the design and implementation of a software system aiming at helping educators in the process of appraisal for self-improvement and self-evaluation. The system is a "Digital Portfolio Environment" ...
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    Entrepreneurship in Cyprus 

    Polyviou, Ariana; Eteokleous, Pantelitsa; Dikaiakos, Marios D.; Kassinis, George I. (2019)
    Entrepreneurship is a core driver of economic growth and societal prosperity, as it fosters the innovation necessary for exploiting new opportunities, enhancing productivity, increasing employment opportunities and providing ...
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    Evaluating System-Level Monitors and Knobs on Real Hardware 

    Nikolaou, Panagiota; Hadjilambrou, Zacharias; Englezakis, Panayiotis; Ndreu, Lorena; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos; Sazeides, Yiannakis; Portero, Antoni; Vavrik, Radim; Vondrak, Vit (Springer International Publishing, 2019)
    This chapter evaluates and defines a methodology for the oracle selection of the monitors and knobs to use to configure an HPC system running a scientific application while satisfying the application’s requirements and not ...
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    The HARPA Approach to Ensure Dependable Performance 

    Zompakis, Nikolaos; Noltsis, Michail; Nikolaou, Panagiota; Englezakis, Panayiotis; Hadjilambrou, Zacharias; Ndreu, Lorena; Massari, Giuseppe; Libutti, Simone; Portero, Antoni; Sassi, Federico; Bacchini, Alessandro; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos; Sazeides, Yiannakis; Vavrik, Radim; Golasowski, Martin; Sevcik, Jiri; Kuchar, Stepan; Vondrak, Vit; Agnes, Fritsch; Cappelle, Hans; Catthoor, Francky; Fornaciari, William; Soudris, Dimitrios (Springer International Publishing, 2019)
    The goal of the HARPA solution is to overcome the performance variability (PV) by enabling next-generation embedded and high-performance platforms using heterogeneous many-core processors to provide cost-effectively ...
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    Error-Shielded Register Renaming Sub-system for a Dynamically Scheduled Out-of-Order Core 

    Gabor, Ron; Sazeides, Yiannakis; Bramnik, Arkady; Andreou, Alexandros; Nicopoulos, Chrysostomos; Patsidis, Karyofyllis; Konstantinou, Dimitris; Dimitrakopoulos, Giorgos (2019)
    Emerging mission-critical and functional safety applications require high-performance processors that meet strict reliability requirements against random hardware failures. These requirements touch even sub-systems within ...
  • Article  

    Guest Editorial on the Special Issue on Integrating Informatics and Technology for Precision Medicine 

    Pattichis, Constantinos S.; Pitris, Constantinos; Liang, Jie; Zhang, Yuanting (2019)
    The seven papers in this special section examine the latest advances in the field of integrated precision medicine technologies. In the majority of medical conditions common therapeutic approaches are usually effective in ...
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    Enhancing C/C++ based OSS development and discoverability with CBRJS: A Rust/Node.js/WebAssembly framework for repackaging legacy codebases 

    Kyriakou, Kyriakos-Ioannis D.; Tselikas, Nikolaos D.; Kapitsaki, Georgia M. (2019)
    Since the appearance of the C programming language and later C++, a plethora of libraries have been developed in both languages. Unfortunately, discovering such Open Source Software (OSS) components efficiently is not ...
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    Formal Verification of a Programmable Hypersurface 

    Kouvaros, Panagiotis; Kouzapas, Dimitrios; Philippou, Anna; Georgiou, Julius; Petrou, Loukas; Pitsillides, Andreas (Springer International Publishing, 2018)
    A metasurface is a surface that consists of artificial material, called metamaterial, with configurable electromagnetic properties. This paper presents work in progress on the design and formal verification of a programmable ...
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    Exploration of Intercell Wireless Millimeter-Wave Communication in the Landscape of Intelligent Metasurfaces 

    Tasolamprou, Anna C.; Pitilakis, Alexandros; Abadal, Sergi; Tsilipakos, Odysseas; Timoneda, Xavier; Taghvaee, Hamidreza; Sajjad Mirmoosa, Mohammad; Liu, Fu; Liaskos, Christos K.; Tsioliaridou, Ageliki; Ioannidis, Sotiris; Kantartzis, Nikolaos V.; Manessis, Dionysios; Georgiou, Julius; Cabellos-Aparicio, Albert; Alarcón, Eduard; Pitsillides, Andreas; Akyildiz, Ian F.; Tretyakov, Sergei A.; Economou, Eleftherios N.; Kafesaki, Maria; Soukoulis, Costas M. (2019)
    Software-defined metasurfaces are electromagnetically ultra-thin, artificial components that can provide engineered and externally controllable functionalities. The control over these functionalities is enabled by the ...
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    Fault Adaptive Routing in Metasurface Controller Networks 

    Saeed, Taqwa; Skitsas, Constantinos; Kouzapas, Dimitrios; Lestas, Marios; Soteriou, Vassos; Philippou, Anna; Abadal, Sergi; Liaskos, Christos K.; Petrou, Loukas; Georgiou, Julius; Pitsillides, Andreas (2018)
    HyperSurfaces are a merge of structurally reconfigurable metasurfaces whose electromagnetic properties can be changed via a software interface, using an embedded miniaturized network of controllers, thus enabling novel ...
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    Software-Defined Metasurface Paradigm: Concept, Challenges, Prospects 

    Pitilakis, A.; Tasolamprou, A.C.; Liaskos, C.; Liu, F.; Tsilipakos, O.; Wang, X.; Mirmoosa, M.S.; Kossifos, K.; Georgiou, Julius; Pitsilides, Andreas; Kantartzis, N.V.; Ioannidis, S.; Economou, E.N.; Kafesaki, M.; Tretyakov, S.A.; Soukoulis, C.M. (2018)
    HyperSurfaces (HSFs) are devices whose electromagnetic (EM) behavior is software- driven, i.e., it can be defined programmatically. The key components of this emerging technology are the metasurfaces, artificial layered ...
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    The Software-Defined Metasurfaces Concept and Electromagnetic Aspects 

    Tasolamprou, Anna C.; Pitilakis, Alexandros; Tsilipakos, Odysseas; Liaskos, Christos K.; Tsiolaridou, Ageliki; Liu, Fu; Wang, Xuchen; Mirmoosa, Mohammad S.; Kossifos, Kypros; Georgiou, Julius; Pitsilides, Andreas; Kantartzis, Nikolaos V.; Manessis, Dionysios; Ioannidis, Sotiris; Kenanakis, George; Deligeorgis, George; Economou, Eleftherios N.; Tretyakov, Sergei A.; Soukoulis, Costas M.; Kafesaki, Maria (2019)
    We present the concept and electromagnetic aspects of HyperSurFaces (HSFs), artificial, ultrathin structures with software controlled electromagnetic properties. The HSFs key unit is the metasurface, a plane with designed ...
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    Towards Considering User Privacy Preferences in Smart Water Management 

    Dini Kounoudes, Alexia; Kapitsaki, Georgia M.; Milis, Marios (Association for Computing Machinery, 2019)
    Adaptive systems are based on user preferences and needs, while sensing and context awareness are also essential features. Recently, the notion of smart homes requires the collection of different data from users, in order ...
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    Examining the Privacy Vulnerability Level of Android Applications 

    Kapitsaki, Georgia; Ioannou, Modestos (ScitePress, 2019)
    Mobile applications are often granted access to various data available on the mobile device. Android applications provide the notion of permissions to let the developers define the data their applications require to function ...
  • Article  

    Modeling and recommending open source licenses with findOSSLicense 

    Kapitsaki, Georgia; Charalambous, Georgia (2019)
    Open source software is widely used in the software industry and the academia. Licenses applied to open source software provide the terms for its further use and distribution. Decisions regarding licensing for new software ...
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    Linking Personality Traits and Interpersonal Skills to Gamification Awards 

    Papoutoglou, Maria; Kapitsaki, Georgia M.; Mittas, Nikolaos (2018)
    Software repositories and Question & Answer sites constitute promising and ever-increasing sources of information for software analytics and for the identification of the role of the human factor in software engineering. ...
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    Linked USDL Privacy: Describing Privacy Policies for Services 

    Kapitsaki, Georgia; Ioannou, Joseph; Cardoso, Jorge; Pedrinaci, Carlos (2018)
    As the provision of services and the use of personal data expands, the need for services to explicitly detail what personal data a service handles and in which manner becomes paramount in order to achieve a fully transparent, ...
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    Improving C/C++ Open Source Software Discoverability by Utilizing Rust and Node.js Ecosystems 

    Kyriakou, Kyriakos-Ioannis D.; Tselikas, Nikolaos D.; Kapitsaki, Georgia M. (Springer International Publishing, 2018)
    Discovering Open Source Software (OSS) components efficiently is not always an easy task. Node.js is a popular JavaScript runtime environment, whereas Rust is widely used for system programming, and both can be utilized ...
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    Bringing together undergraduate and postgraduate students in software engineering team project: experiences and lessons 

    Kapitsaki, Georgia M.; Loizou, Styliani Kleanthous (Association for Computing Machinery, 2018)
    Software Engineering education requires exposing students to real-world problems providing a framework to simulate real-world conditions. For this purpose, computer science students usually work in teams with each member ...
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    Analyzing the transactive memory in teaching software engineering 

    Kleanthous, Styliani; Kapitsaki, Georgia M. (Association for Computing Machinery, 2018)
    Software Engineering education requires offering to students practical experience via collaboration with the industry and working in teams. At the same time, students require different skills and knowledge at different ...

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