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      Effects of periodic gravity modulation in microgravity convection systems 

      Cyr, Martha N.; Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Olinger, D. J. (Publ by ASME, 1993)
      Natural convection in an enclosure that is subjected to periodic excitations is investigated using a classical mixed Galerkin finite element method. The modulation is incorporated in the momentum equations, through a ...
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      Vortex shedding lock-on in a periodic freestream flow past a circular cylinder 

      Olinger, D. J.; Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Dutka, J. (Publ by ASME, 1993)
      Vortex lock-on phenomena in flow past a circular cylinder with a periodic component superimposed on the mean free stream flow is investigated using concepts from dynamical systems (chaos) theory. Numerical results show ...