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      Direct observation of microscopic inhomogeneities in high-Tc superconductors using energy-dispersive diffraction of synchrotron-produced xrays 

      Skelton, Earl F.; Qadri, Syen B.; Osofsky, Michael S.; Drews, A. R.; Broussard, P. R.; Hu, J. Z.; Finger, L. W.; Vanderah, Terrell A.; Kaiser, D.; Peng, J. L.; Anlage, Steven M.; Greene, Richard L.; Giapintzakis, John (Affiliation: Naval Research Lab., Washington, DC,, USA, United StatesCorrespondence Address: Skelton, Earl F.Naval Research Lab., Washington, DC,, USAUnited States, 1995)
      Evidence of micron-sized structural inhomogeneities in several high transition temperature (T c) superconductors is presented. By illuminating samples with high energy, highly collimated x rays produced on a synchrotron ...
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      X-Ray diffraction investigations of magnetron sputtered TiCN coatings 

      Schneider, J. M.; Voevodin, A.; Rebholz, Claus; Matthews, A.; Hogg, J. H. C.; Lewis, D. B.; Ives, M. (1995)
      X-ray diffraction measurements were performed on titanium carbonitride coatings produced in an electron enhanced, unbalanced magnetron system. The films were deposited onto AISI 316 stainless steel substrates with an argon ...