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dc.contributor.authorKouznetsov, K. A.en
dc.contributor.authorSun, A. G.en
dc.contributor.authorChen, B.en
dc.contributor.authorKatz, A. S.en
dc.contributor.authorBahcall, S. R.en
dc.contributor.authorClarke, J.en
dc.contributor.authorDynes, R. C.en
dc.contributor.authorGajewski, D. A.en
dc.contributor.authorHan, S. H.en
dc.contributor.authorMaple, M. B.en
dc.contributor.authorGiapintzakis, Johnen
dc.contributor.authorKim, J.-T.en
dc.contributor.authorGinsberg, T. M.en
dc.creatorKouznetsov, K. A.en
dc.creatorSun, A. G.en
dc.creatorChen, B.en
dc.creatorKatz, A. S.en
dc.creatorBahcall, S. R.en
dc.creatorClarke, J.en
dc.creatorDynes, R. C.en
dc.creatorGajewski, D. A.en
dc.creatorHan, S. H.en
dc.creatorMaple, M. B.en
dc.creatorGiapintzakis, Johnen
dc.creatorKim, J.-T.en
dc.creatorGinsberg, T. M.en
dc.description.abstractC-axis Josephson tunneling experiments in which a conventional superconductor (Pb) is deposited across a single twin boundary of a YBa2Cu3O7 − δ (YBCO) crystal. We measure the critical current as a function of the magnitude and angle of a magnetic field applied in the plane of the junction. In all samples, we observe a clear experimental signature of an order parameter phase shift across the twin boundary. These results provide strong evidence for mixed d- and s-wave pairing in YBCO, with a reversal in the sign of the s-wave wave component across the twin boundary. © 1997 American Physical Society.en
dc.sourcePhysical Review Lettersen
dc.subjectNumerical methodsen
dc.subjectOptical microscopyen
dc.subjectMagnetic fieldsen
dc.subjectSingle crystalsen
dc.subjectHigh temperature superconductorsen
dc.subjectOxide superconductorsen
dc.subjectTunnel junctionsen
dc.subjectCrystal growthen
dc.subjectHelmholtz coilsen
dc.subjectJosephson junction devicesen
dc.subjectNemarsky optical microscopesen
dc.titleC-axis josephson tunneling between YBa2Cu3O7 − δ and Pb: Direct evidence for mixed order parameter symmetry in a high- Tc superconductoren
dc.description.endingpage3053Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / Faculty of EngineeringΤμήμα Μηχανικών Μηχανολογίας και Κατασκευαστικής / Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
dc.contributor.orcidGiapintzakis, John [0000-0002-7277-2662]

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