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dc.contributor.authorSavva, Mariaen
dc.contributor.authorPapatriantafyllopoulou, Constantinaen
dc.contributor.authorViskadourakis, Z.en
dc.contributor.authorGiapintzakis, Johnen
dc.contributor.authorTasiopoulos, Anastasios J.en
dc.creatorSavva, Mariaen
dc.creatorPapatriantafyllopoulou, Constantinaen
dc.creatorViskadourakis, Z.en
dc.creatorGiapintzakis, Johnen
dc.creatorTasiopoulos, Anastasios J.en
dc.description.abstractThe initial employment of 1,3-propanediol (pdH2) in the synthesis of 3d/4f metal clusters has afforded a new family of tetranuclear Mn2Ln2O2(CH3)3CCO28(CH3)3CCO2H2(pdH2)2] (Ln = Dy, 1en
dc.description.abstractGd, 2en
dc.description.abstractHo, 3) complexes. Compounds 1-3 represent new additions to the small family of MnIII2Ln2clusters possessing planar or diamond-like cores. Variable-temperature, dc and ac magnetization measurements were performed on compounds 1-3 and revealed the existence of very weak antiferromagnetic exchange interactions between the metal centers leading to a ground state spin value S = 5 in case of 2?2(CH3)3CCO2H?2H2O.en
dc.sourceCurrent Inorganic Chemistryen
dc.titleMnIII2LnIII2(Ln = Gd, Dy, Ho) Complexes From The Initial Employment of 1,3-Propanediol In Mixed 3d/4f Metal Cluster Chemistryen
dc.description.volume3Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / Faculty of EngineeringΤμήμα Μηχανικών Μηχανολογίας και Κατασκευαστικής / Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
dc.contributor.orcidTasiopoulos, Anastasios J. [0000-0002-4804-3822]
dc.contributor.orcidGiapintzakis, John [0000-0002-7277-2662]

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