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      Intersemiotic Translation as Adaptation 

      Cattrysse, Patrick; Dusi, Nicola; Greenall, Annjo K.; Løfaldli, Eli; Aboluwade, Ifeoluwa; Chesterman, Andrew; Calfoglou, Christine; Polymeris, Spyros; Queiroz, João; Atã, Pedro; Giannakopoulou, Vasso (Oxford University Press, 2019)
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      Intersemiotic translation as adaptation: in memoriam of Laurence Raw 

      Giannakopoulou, Vasso (Oxford University Press, 2019)
      Intersemiotic translation' was a term coined by Roman Jakobson, as early as 1959, while he was investigating the complexities of transferring linguistic and cultural elements in translation. Influenced by Peircean semiotics ...