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dc.contributor.authorKarageorghis, Vassosen
dc.contributor.authorKassianidou, Vasilikien
dc.creatorKarageorghis, Vassosen
dc.creatorKassianidou, Vasilikien
dc.description.abstractExcavations at the sacred precinct of the Late Bronze Age city of Kition uncovered the remains of metalworking workshops which were clearly associated with the temples. The results of the excavation as well as a number of specialist reports of the archaeometallurgical finds have already been published. Since their publication, however, archaeological research has progressed and new evidence has come to light regarding the Late Bronze Age in general and metalworking in particular. The object of this paper is to present the finds from these workshops and reconsider some of the issues that their discovery has raised. The results of the previous studies of the archaeometallurgical studies are critically assessed and the evidence reinterpreted based on what is available today. One of the issues addressed is that of metal recycling during the Late Bronze Age. This communication was presented at a research workshop organized by the Israel Science Foundation and the University of Haifa on 'Recycling, Hoarding and Trade in Bronze, 13th-11th centuries BCE' (Haifa 26-28 April, 1998). The first part of the paper was written by Karageorghis, the second part by Kassianidou.en
dc.sourceOxford Journal of Archaeologyen
dc.titleMetalworking and Recycling in Late Bronze Age Cyprus - the Evidence from Kition.en
dc.description.endingpage188Φιλοσοφική Σχολή / Faculty of LettersΤμήμα Iστoρίας και Αρχαιoλoγίας / Department of History and Archaeology
dc.contributor.orcidKassianidou, Vasiliki [0000-0003-1662-5622]

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