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dc.contributor.authorNikiforou, Elenien
dc.creatorNikiforou, Elenien
dc.description.abstractThe screen of the computer provides good practice for the writing process and functions as an exemplar for it since what is being written is not permanent in contrast to writing with pen on paper. The following research questions were addressed to explore the area and were investigated through the data: (1) Do students revise their writing globally or on the surface? (2) Do students co-operate or collaborate to edit their produced text? This paper will report the results from data taken from tertiary EFL students writing collaboratively and/or co-operatively in a wiki to complete a task. This paper focuses on the revisions and editing university students did to their text while completing a group task in a wiki for the purposes of an upper-intermediate to advance English language course. The methodology that lies behind the research is grounded theory. The research conducted is qualitative and as such the data is collected from the wiki and the history pages which kept track of the students work in the wiki. An attempt is made to distinguish between superficial and global revisions the students performed. Emphasis is given to the frequency with which the students entered the wiki to edit, and the quality of the revisions to their work. From the data we can also draw conclusions as to whether the students collaborated or co-operated to edit their work. The discussion will round off with implications for future research and offer suggestions about how EFL students from the specific and similar contexts could be encouraged to revise in order to write better.en
dc.sourceEuropean Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL)en
dc.subjectComputer Uses in Educationen
dc.subjectEducational Technologyen
dc.subjectQualitative Researchen
dc.subjectWriting Skillsen
dc.subjectCollege Studentsen
dc.subjectCooperative Educationen
dc.subjectCultural Awarenessen
dc.subjectEnglish (Second Language)en
dc.subjectGrounded Theoryen
dc.subjectRevision (Written Composition)en
dc.subjectSecond Language Learningen
dc.titleRevising Writing in an Online Learning Environment.en
dc.typeinfo:eu-repo/semantics/articleΣχολή Ανθρωπιστικών Επιστημών / Faculty of HumanitiesΚέντρο Γλωσσών / Language Centre
dc.contributor.orcidNikiforou, Eleni [0000-0002-3603-5091]

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