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dc.contributor.authorTsagari, Dinaen
dc.creatorTsagari, Dinaen
dc.description.abstractMany researchers have highlighted the central role that assessment plays in second language (L2) classrooms and have expressed the need for research into classroom-based language assessment (CBLA), an area that is gradually coming into its own in the field of language testing and assessment (e.g., Hasselgreen, 2008en
dc.description.abstractLeung, 2014en
dc.description.abstractHill & McNamara, 2012en
dc.description.abstractTurner, 2012). Motivated by the prominence of CBLA in recent discussions, the present study set out to investigate the CBLA practices, knowledge and skills of Greek and Cypriot primary school EFL teachers. The data was collected through teacher interviews and classroom-based tests. The results showed that teachers employ a summative orientation towards evaluating their students’ performance and seem to have unclear ideas about the purposes and implementation of formative assessment, mainly due to lack of professional training in language assessment. The paper concludes with suggestions as to how EFL teachers’ CBLA literacy can be enhanced.en
dc.sourceCenter for Educational Policy Studies Journalen
dc.subjectassessment literacyen
dc.subjectclassroom-based language assessmenten
dc.subjectclassroom-based testsen
dc.subjectEducation (General)en
dc.subjectlanguage testing and assessmenten
dc.subjectteacher trainingen
dc.titleAssessment Orientations of State Primary EFL Teachers in Two Mediterranean Countriesen
dc.description.endingpage30Σχολή Ανθρωπιστικών Επιστημών / Faculty of HumanitiesΤμήμα Αγγλικών Σπουδών / Department of English Studies
dc.description.notes<p>ID: Accession Number: edsdoj.40ef8db3cb4742d9a9e52cfbece75017en
dc.description.notesItem Citation: Center for Educational Policy Studies Journal, Vol 6, Iss 1, Pp 9-30 (2016)en
dc.description.notesRelated Material:
dc.description.notesRelated Material:
dc.description.notesRelated Material:
dc.description.notesAccession Number: edsdoj.40ef8db3cb4742d9a9e52cfbece75017en
dc.description.notesPublication Type: Journal Articleen
dc.description.notesSource: Center for Educational Policy Studies Journal, Vol 6, Iss 1, Pp 9-30 (2016)en
dc.description.notesLanguage: Englishen
dc.description.notesFormat: electronic resourceen
dc.description.notesPublication Date: 20160101en
dc.description.notesRights: Journal Licence: CC BYen
dc.description.notesImprint: University of Ljubljana, 2016.</p>en
dc.contributor.orcidTsagari, Dina [0000-0002-6884-108X]

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