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dc.contributor.authorBusch, Costasen
dc.contributor.authorDemetriou, Neophytosen
dc.contributor.authorHerlihy, M.en
dc.contributor.authorMavronicolas, Mariosen
dc.contributor.editorBode A.en
dc.contributor.editorLudwig T.en
dc.contributor.editorKarl W.en
dc.contributor.editorWismuller R.en
dc.creatorBusch, Costasen
dc.creatorDemetriou, Neophytosen
dc.creatorHerlihy, M.en
dc.creatorMavronicolas, Mariosen
dc.description.abstractBalancing networks are highly distributed data structures used to solve multiprocessor synchronization problems. Typically, balancing networks are accessed by tokens, and the distribution of the tokens on the network’s output specify the property of the network. However, tokens represent increment operations only, and tokens alone are not adequate for synchronization problems that require decrement operations. For such kinds of problems, antitokens have been used to represent decrement operations. It has been shown that several kinds of balancing networks which satisfy the step property, smoothing property, and the threshold property for tokens alone, preserve their properties even when antitokens are introduced. A fundamental question that was left open was to characterize all the properties of balancing networks which are preserved under the introduction of antitokens. In this work, we provide such a simple combinatorial characterization for all the properties which are preserved when antitokens are introduced. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2000.en
dc.source6th International European Conference on Parallel Computing, Euro-Par 2000en
dc.subjectProblem solvingen
dc.subjectArtificial intelligenceen
dc.subjectDistributed data structuresen
dc.subjectSynchronization problemen
dc.subjectThreshold propertiesen
dc.titleA combinatorial characterization of properties preserved by antitokensen
dc.description.endingpage582 Σχολή Θετικών και Εφαρμοσμένων Επιστημών / Faculty of Pure and Applied SciencesΤμήμα Πληροφορικής / Department of Computer Science
dc.description.notesDeutsche Bahn AGde
dc.description.notesDeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaftde
dc.description.notes<p>Sponsors: ACMen
dc.description.notesAEA Technologyen
dc.description.notesDolphin Interconnect Solutionsen
dc.description.notesForce Computers GmbHen
dc.description.notesFujitsu-Siemens Computersen
dc.description.notesIEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing, TFCCen
dc.description.notesInfineon Technologies AGen
dc.description.notesLandeshauptstadt Munchenen
dc.description.notesTechnische Universitat Munchenen
dc.description.notesConference code: 120249</p>en
dc.source.abbreviationLect. Notes Comput. Sci.en
dc.contributor.orcidBusch, Costas [0000-0002-4381-4333]

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