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dc.contributor.authorGeorgiou, Chryssisen
dc.contributor.authorHadjiprocopiou, N.en
dc.contributor.authorMusiał, Peter M.en
dc.creatorGeorgiou, Chryssisen
dc.creatorHadjiprocopiou, N.en
dc.creatorMusiał, Peter M.en
dc.description.abstractPractical implementations of atomically consistent read/write memory service are important building blocks for higher level applications. This is especially true when data accessibility and survivability are provided by a distributed platform consisting of networked nodes, where both nodes and connections are subject to failure. This work presents an experimental evaluation of the practicality of an atomic memory service implementation, called RA M B O , which is the first to support multiple reader, multiple writer access to the atomic data with an integrated reconfiguration protocol to replace the underlying set of replicas without any interruption of the ongoing operations. Theoretical guarantees of this service are well understooden
dc.description.abstracthowever, only rudimentary analytical performance along with limited LAN testing were performed on the implementation of RA M B O - neither representing any realistic deployment setting. In order to assess true practicality of the RA M B O service, we devised a series of experiments tested on PlanetLab - a planetary-scale research WAN network. Our experiments show that RA M B O 's performance is reasonable (under the tested scenarios) and under the somewhat extreme conditions of PlanetLab. This demonstrates the feasibility of developing dependable reconfigurable sharable data services with provable consistency guarantees on unreliable distributed systems. © 2009 Springer Berlin Heidelberg.en
dc.source9th International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, ICA3PP 2009en
dc.subjectParallel algorithmsen
dc.subjectAd hoc networksen
dc.subjectPerformance Evaluationen
dc.subjectAtomic Memory Serviceen
dc.subjectDistributed Architectureen
dc.subjectMicrocellular radio systemsen
dc.subjectPlanetary Scale Experimentsen
dc.subjectProvable Guaranteesen
dc.titleEvaluating a dependable sharable atomic data service on a planetary-scale networken
dc.description.volume5574 LNCSen
dc.description.endingpage592 Σχολή Θετικών και Εφαρμοσμένων Επιστημών / Faculty of Pure and Applied SciencesΤμήμα Πληροφορικής / Department of Computer Science
dc.description.notes<p>Conference code: 77081</p>en
dc.source.abbreviationLect. Notes Comput. Sci.en
dc.contributor.orcidGeorgiou, Chryssis [0000-0003-4360-0260]

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