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dc.contributor.authorLeonidou, Chrysanthien
dc.contributor.authorPanayiotou, Georgiaen
dc.contributor.editorCharis, Christosen
dc.contributor.editorPanayiotou, Georgiaen
dc.creatorLeonidou, Chrysanthien
dc.creatorPanayiotou, Georgiaen
dc.description.abstractSevere health anxiety is the preoccupation that one has or will acquire a severe medical disease and impairs individual’s functioning in the psychological, social, professional, and other domains of daily life. This chapter briefly describes this category of symptomatology in terms of epidemiology, predispositional factors, and impact, and it focuses on reviewing the mechanisms that were linked to the maintenance of health anxiety, which stem from the cognitive-behavioral conceptualization and existing empirical evidence. In addition, this chapter introduces a mechanism that potentially buffers the impact of health anxiety on individual’s functioning and provides an overview of behavioral and cognitive approaches in therapy. Directions for future research in areas that warrant further investigation are also provided.en
dc.publisherSpringer International Publishingen
dc.sourceSomatoform and Other Psychosomatic Disorders: A Dialogue Between Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Perspectivesen
dc.titleMaintaining Mechanisms of Health Anxiety: Current State of Knowledgeen
dc.description.endingpage21Σχολή Κοινωνικών Επιστημών και Επιστημών Αγωγής / Faculty of Social Sciences and EducationΤμήμα Ψυχολογίας / Department of Psychology
dc.type.uhtypeBook Chapteren
dc.contributor.orcidPanayiotou, Georgia [0000-0003-2471-9960]
dc.contributor.orcidLeonidou, Chrysanthi [0000-0001-7712-9644]

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