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      Efficient spin detection across the hybrid Co/GaAs schottky interface 

      Trypiniotis, Theodossis; Tse, D. H. Y.; Steinmuller, S. J.; Cho, W. S.; Bland, J. A. C. (2007)
      The electron spin detection efficiency was studied across Co/GaAs structures using photoexcitation techniques. Two sets of samples were prepared where the substrate surface was pretreated by annealing prior to growth for ...
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      Electron spin filtering in ferromagnet/semiconductor heterostructures 

      Bland, J. A. C.; Steinmuller, S. J.; Hirohata, A.; Cho, W. S.; Xu, Y. B.; Guertler, C. M.; Wastlbauer, G.; Ionescu, A.; Trypiniotis, Theodossis; Holmes, S. N. (2003)
      Circularly polarized light was used to generate spin-polarized electrons at room temperature in ferromagnet (FM)/GaAs Schottky diode structures. A change in the helicity-dependent photocurrent was obtained when the ...
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      Large ultrafast optical nonlinearities in As-rich GaAs 

      Benjamin, S. D.; Othonos, Andreas S.; Smith, P. W. E. (1994)
      The measurement of large Ultrafast bandgap-resonant optical nonlinearities in As-rich samples of GaAs that have been grown at low temperatures is reported. Light-induced refractive index changes of magnitude greater than ...
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      Magnetic and structural properties of stoichiometric thin Fe 3Si/GaAs(0 0 1) films 

      Ionescu, A.; Vaz, C. A. F.; Trypiniotis, Theodossis; Gürtler, C. M.; Vickers, M. E.; García-Miquel, H.; Bland, J. A. C. (2005)
      In this study, we report experimental results on the structural and magnetic properties of epitaxial Fe3Si films grown on GaAs(0 0 1) by co-evaporation. X-ray reflectivity shows that relatively smooth interfaces are obtained ...
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      Magnetoresistance of magnetite thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition on GaAs(1 0 0) and Al2O3(0 0 0 1) 

      Paramês, M. L.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Giapintzakis, John; Rogalski, M. S.; Conde, O. (2007)
      Magnetotransport properties of magnetite thin films deposited on gallium arsenide and sapphire substrates at growth temperatures between 473 and 673 K are presented. The films were grown by UV pulsed laser ablation in ...
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      Optical and electrical properties of selectively delta-doped strained InxGa1-xAs/GaAs quantum wells 

      Ke, M. L.; Chen, X.; Zervos, Matthew; Nawaz, R.; Elliott, M.; Westwood, D. I.; Blood, P.; Godfrey, M. J.; Williams, R. H. (1996)
      We report here an investigation of selectively delta-doped strained InGaAs/GaAs quantum wells. Electronic structures of the systems were calculated by self-consistently solving the Schrödinger and Poisson equations and the ...
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      Reduction of spin injection efficiency by interface defect spin scattering in ZnMnSe/AlGaAs-GaAs spin-polarized light-emitting diodes 

      Stroud, R. M.; Hanbicki, A. T.; Park, Y. D.; Kioseoglou, G.; Petukhov, A. G.; Jonker, B. T.; Itskos, Grigorios; Petrou, Athos Chariton (2002)
      The effects of the interface microstructure on spin-injection efficiency in Zn1-xMnxSe/AlyGa1-yAs-GaAs spin-polarized light-emitting diodes (spin-LEDs) were studied. It was shown that the quantum well (QW) spin polarization ...
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      A schottky tunnel barrier contact for electrical spin injection from a magnetic metal into a semiconductor 

      Hanbicki, A. T.; Stroud, R. M.; Magno, R.; Kioseoglou, G.; Li, C. H.; Jonker, B. T.; Itskos, Grigorios; Mallory, R.; Yasar, M.; Petrou, Athos Chariton (2003)
      A study was performed on a Schottky tunnel barrier contact for electrical spin injection from a magnetic metal into a semiconductor. It was reported that spin injection from a Fe Schottky contact produced a spin polarization ...