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      Emotion processing deficits in alexithymia and response to a depth of processing intervention 

      Constantinou, Elena; Panayiotou, Georgia; Theodorou, Marios (2014)
      Findings on alexithymic emotion difficulties have been inconsistent. We examined potential differences between alexithymic and control participants in general arousal, reactivity, facial and subjective expression, emotion ...
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      Emotion Processing Deficits in Alexithymia: a Psychophysiological Study 

      Constantinou, Elena; Panayiotou, Georgia (2009)
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      Emotional avoidance and its relation to reasons for smoking in adolescents. 

      Karekla, Maria; Kapsou, Margarita; Ioannou, V. A.; Gregoriou, Irene; Christodoulou, A.; Gkliaou, M. A. (2010)
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      Emotional avoidance and panicogenic responding to a biological challenge procedure 

      Karekla, Maria; Forsyth, J. P.; Kelly, M. M. (2004)
      Healthy undergraduates high (n = 27) and low (n = 27) in experiential avoidance underwent twelve 20 s inhalations of 20% carbon dioxide-enriched air, while physiological (e.g., skin conductance, heart rate, EMG, and end-tidal ...
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      Emotional dimensions as determinants of self-focused attention 

      Panayiotou, Georgia; Brown, R.; Vrana, Scott R. (2007)
      Negative emotions, and particularly sadness, have been found to induce self-focused attention among both depressed and normal individuals. However, positive emotion, such as happiness, is sometimes found to have a similar ...
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      Emotional dimensions reflected in ratings of affective scripts 

      Panayiotou, Georgia (Elsevier Science, 2008)
      Emotion theories can be divided into those that propose either the existence of discrete emotions, or of basic dimensions describing affective space. Recent theories propose a hybrid of these. This study examines ratings ...
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      Encoding and updating spatial information presented in narratives 

      Avraamides, Marios N.; Galati, Alexia; Pazzaglia, F.; Meneghetti, C.; Denis, Michel (2013)
      Four experiments investigated whether directional spatial relations encoded by reading narratives are updated following described protagonist rotations. Participants memorized locations of objects described in short stories ...
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      Encountering Alterity: Geographic and Semantic Movements 

      Gillespie, A.; Kadianaki, Irini; O'Sullivan-Lago, R. (Oxford University Press, 2012)
      This chapter analyzes the semantic consequences of crossing national borders. When crossing borders, identities change, and alterity is encountered. We ask: what are the semantic structures, or meanings, that enable alterity ...
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      Enhancing e-learning environments with users' cognitive factors: The case of EKPAIDEION 

      Tsianos, N.; Germanakos, P.; Lekkas, Z.; Mourlas, C.; Belk, M.; Christodoulou, E.; Spanoudis, George C.; Samaras, G. (2008)
      We are now witnessing an extensive and gradually increasing use of the World Wide Web space, proved to be a quite favourable way of communication, due to its speed, simplicity and efficiency. Distance learning (or eLearning) ...
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      Essentialism in Social Representations of Citizenship: An Analysis of Greeks' and Migrants' Discourse 

      Kadianaki, Irini; Andreouli, Eleni (2015)
      Following a Social Representations approach, the article examines the representations of citizenship held by both migrants and Greek citizens in Greece after the announcement of a heavily debated citizenship legislation. ...
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      Establishing cut-off scores for the parent-reported inventory of callous-unemotional traits. 

      Kimonis, Eva R.; Fanti, Kostas A.; Singh, J. P. (2014)
      Callous-unemotional (CU) traits (i.e., lack of empathy/guilt/concern for others) have proven useful for identifying a unique subgroup of antisocial youths at risk for severe, persistent, and impairing conduct problems ...
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      The EU-AIMS Longitudinal European Autism Project (LEAP): Clinical characterisation 

      Charman, T.; Loth, Eva; Tillmann, Julian; Crawley, Daisy; Wooldridge, C.; Goyard, David; Ahmad, Jumana; Auyeung, Bonnie; Ambrosino, Sara; Banaschewski, Tobias; Baron-Cohen,Simon; Baumeister, Sarah; Beckmann, Christian; Bölte, Sven; Bourgeron, Thomas; Bours, Carsten; Brammer, Michael; Brandeis, Daniel; Brogna, Claudia; De Bruijn, Y.; Chakrabarti,B.; Cornelissen, Ineke; Acqua, Flavio Dell; Dumas, G.; Durston, Sarah; Ecker,C.; Faulkner, J.; Frouin, Vincent; Garces, Pilar; Ham, Lindsay M.; Hayward, Hannah; Hipp, Joerg; Holt, R. J.; Isaksson, Johan; Johnson, Mark H.; Jones, Emily J. H.; Kundu, Prantik; Lai,Meng-Chuan; D'Ardhuy, X. L.; Lombardo,Michael V.; Lythgoe, David J.; Mandl, Rene; Mason, Luke; Meyer-Lindenberg, Andreas; Moessnang, Carolin; Mueller, Nico; O'Dwyer, Laurence; Oldehinkel, Marianne; Oranje, Bob; Pandina, Gahan J.; Persico, Antonio M.; Ruggeri, B.; Ruigrok,Amber N. V.; Sabet, Jessica; Sacco, Roberto; Caceres, Antonia San Jose; Simonoff, Emily; Toro, Roberto; Tost, Heike; Waldman, Jack; Williams,Steven C. R.; Zwiers, Marcel P.; Spooren, Will; Murphy,Declan G. M.; Buitelaar, Jan K. (2017)
      Background: The EU-AIMS Longitudinal European Autism Project (LEAP) is to date the largest multi-centre, multi-disciplinary observational study on biomarkers for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The current paper describes ...
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      “Europe” in Greece: Lay constructions of Europe in the context of Greek immigration debates 

      Andreouli, Eleni; Figgou, L.; Kadianaki, Irini; Sapountzis, A.; Xenitidou, M. (2017)
      In this paper, we analyse discourses about Europe in Greek debates about immigration and citizenship and highlight the complexities of “Europeanness” as a symbolic resource for argumentation in these debates. Our data ...
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      Evaluating the role of panic disorder in emotional sensitivity processes involved with smoking 

      Zvolensky, M. J.; Schmidt, N. B.; Antony, Martin M.; McCabe, R. E.; Forsyth, J. P.; Feldner, M. T.; Leen-Feldner, E.; Karekla, Maria; Kahler, C. W. (2005)
      The present study investigated the relationship between panic disorder and emotional sensitivity processes related to smoking. Participants were 170 young adult (mean age = 25.2 8.4]) regular smokers (mean cigarettes per ...
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      Evaluation of a Multidisciplinary Program Intervention for Managing Cognitive and Behavioral Sequalae following Brain Injury. 

      Nakase-Richardson, R.; Evans, C. C.; Thors, C.; Constantinidou, Fofi; Wertheimer, J. C.; Sander, Angelle M.; Yablon, S. A. (2009)
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      Evidence for the early emergence of the simple view of reading in a transparent orthography 

      Kendeou, Panayiota; Papadopoulos, Timothy C.; Kotzapoulou, M. (2013)
      The main aim of the present study was to empirically test the emergence of the Simple View of Reading (SVR) in a transparent orthography, and specifically in Greek. To do so, we examined whether the constituent components ...
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      Evidence of poor planning in children with attention deficits 

      Papadopoulos, Timothy C.; Panayiotou, Georgia; Spanoudis,George C.; Natsopoulos, Demetrios (2005)
      This study examined the planning performance of children with attention deficits, and also investigated the possible interactions between inattention and anxiety in the performance of executive function tasks. A group of ...
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      Evidence-based psychotherapy for children and adolescents: How science becomes practice 

      Constantinou, Marios; Dipli, Christiana; Karekla, Maria (American Psychological Association, 2008)
      Reviews the book, Handbook of evidence-based therapies for children and adolescents: Bridging science and practice edited by Ric G. Steele, T. David Elkin, and Michael C. Roberts (see record rid]2007-13784-000/rid]). The ...
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      Experiential Avoidance as a Common Psychological Process in European Cultures 

      Monestès, Jean-Louis; Karekla, Maria; Jacobs, Nele; Michaelides, Michalis P.; Hooper, Nic; Kleen, Marco; Ruiz, Francisco J.; Miselli, Giovanni; Presti, Giovambattista; Luciano, Carmen; Villatte, Matthieu; Bond, Frank W.; Kishita, Naoko; Hayes, Steven C. (Hogrefe Publishing, 2016)
      Abstract. Experiential avoidance, the tendency to rigidly escape or avoid private psychological experiences, represents one of the most prominent transdiagnostic psychological processes with a known role in a wide variety ...