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      Target cascading in vehicle redesign: A class VI truck study 

      Kim, H. M.; Kokkolaras, M.; Louca, Loucas S.; Delagrammatikas, G. J.; Michelena, N. F.; Filipi, Z. S.; Papalambros, P. Y.; Stein, J. L.; Assanis, D. N. (2002)
      The analytical target cascading process is applied to the redesign of a U.S. class VI truck. Necessary simulation and analysis models for predicting vehicle dynamics, powertrain, and suspension behaviour are developed. ...
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      Targeted Drug Delivery to Upper Airways Using a Pulsed Aerosol Bolus and Inhaled Volume Tracking Method 

      Ostrovski, Y.; Dorfman, S.; Mezhericher, M.; Kassinos, Stavros C.; Sznitman, J. (2018)
      The pulmonary route presents an attractive delivery pathway for topical treatment of lung diseases. While significant progress has been achieved in understanding the physical underpinnings of aerosol deposition in the ...
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      Targeting Inflammation to Improve Tumor Drug Delivery 

      Gkretsi, V.; Zacharia, L. C.; Stylianopoulos, T. (2017)
      Inefficient delivery of drugs is a main cause of chemotherapy failure in hypoperfused tumors. To enhance perfusion and drug delivery in these tumors, two strategies have been developed: vascular normalization, aiming at ...
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      Techniques for Perfusion Imaging with Microbubble Contrast Agents 

      Simpson, David Hope; Burns, Peter N.; AVERKIOU, MICHALAKIS A. (2001)
      Deals with a study which introduced a common methodology, based directly upon the measured or modeled properties of agent and tissue, whereby Doppler and radio frequency (RF) filters for perfusion imaging can be optimized. ...
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      Tensile mechanical properties and hydraulic permeabilities of electrospun cellulose acetate fiber meshes. 

      Stylianopoulos, T.; Kokonou, M.; Michael, S.; Tryfonos, A.; Rebholz, Claus; Odysseos, A. D.; Doumanidis, C. C. (2012)
      The mechanical properties and hydraulic permeabilities of biomaterial scaffolds play a crucial role in their efficacy as tissue engineering platforms, separation processors, and drug delivery vehicles. In this study, ...
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      Tensorial volume of turbulence revisited 

      Kassinos, Stavros C.; Reynolds, W. C. (1990)
      A corrected tensorial turbulent volume transport equation, which is exact for uniform density flows, is derived from the Navier-Stokes equations. For homogeneous turbulence, the new terms appearing in the correct equation ...
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      Test-driven Coarray parallelization of a legacy Fortran application 

      Radhakrishnan, H.; Rouson, D. W. I.; Morris, K.; Shende, S.; Kassinos, Stavros C. (Affiliation: EXA High Performance Computing, Nicosia, CyprusAffiliation: Center for Computational Earth and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United StatesAffiliation: Combustion Research Facility, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA, United StatesAffiliation: Performance Research Laboratory, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, United StatesAffiliation: UCY-CompSci, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, CyprusCorrespondence Address: EXA High Performance Computing, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2013)
      This paper summarizes a strategy for parallelizing a legacy Fortran 77 program using the object-oriented (OO) and coarray features that entered Fortran in the 2003 and 2008 standards, respectively. OO programming (OOP) ...
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      Testing models of the symmetry of the superconducting pairing state by low-temperature electron irradiation of an untwinned single crystal of YBa2Cu3O7- 

      Giapintzakis, John; Ginsberg, D. M.; Kirk, M. A.; Ockers, S. (1994)
      We have carried out in situ resistivity measurements in a high-voltage electron microscope to determine how the superconducting transition temperature Tc and the resistivity (T) change with low-temperature electron ...
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      Textured VN coatings with Ag3VO4 solid lubricant reservoirs 

      Luster, B.; Stone, D.; Singh, D. P.; Baben, M. to; Schneider, J. M.; Polychronopoulou, K.; Rebholz, Claus; Kohli, P.; Aouadi, S. M. (2011)
      Silver oxovanadate powders were produced using a low temperature hydrothermal synthesis method. X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Raman microscopy revealed the formation of the α-Ag3VO4 phase, and differential scanning calorimetry ...
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      Thermal and chemical stability of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) nanoplatelets 

      Kostoglou, N.; Polychronopoulou, K.; Rebholz, Claus (2015)
      High-temperature properties of boron nitride platelets (200-800 nm in width and 30-50 nm in thickness) were systematically evaluated through thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) in combination with differential scanning ...
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      Thermal conduction in magnetized turbulent gas 

      Cho, J.; Lazarian, A.; Honein, A.; Knaepen, B.; Kassinos, Stavros C.; Moin, P. (2003)
      Using numerical methods, we systematically study in the framework of ideal MHD the effect of magnetic fields on heat transfer within a turbulent gas. We measure the rates of passive scalar diffusion within magnetized fluids ...
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      Thermal conductivity and degradation behavior of HDPE/graphene nanocomposites: Pyrolysis, kinetics and mechanism 

      Tarani, E.; Terzopoulou, Z.; Bikiaris, D. N.; Kyratsi, Theodora; Chrissafis, K.; Vourlias, G. (2017)
      Graphene-filled high-density polyethylene nanocomposites varying filler’s size (5, 10 and 25 × 10−6 m in diameter) were prepared by the melt-mixing method, and their thermal properties are then investigated by TG, Py–GC/MS ...
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      Thermal conductivity measurements of anisotropic bulk samples using the 3ω method 

      Athanasopoulos, G. I.; Svoukis, E.; Viskadourakis, Z.; Giapintzakis, John (Affiliation: Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Cyprus, 75 Kallipoleos Avenue, Nicosia, 1678, CyprusAffiliation: Materials Science and Technology Department, University of Crete, P.O. Box 2208, Heraklion Crete 710 03, GreeceCorrespondence Address: Athanasopoulos, G. I.Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Cyprus, 75 Kallipoleos Avenue, Nicosia, 1678, Cyprus, 2010)
      The 3ω method has been applied to measure the anisotropic thermal conductivity of single crystals of SiO2 (quartz) and La 14-yCayCu24O41 (y = 9 and 10). A two-dimensional heat conduction model along with properly oriented ...
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      Thermal conductivity of Ni, Co, and Fe-doped La5Ca 9Cu24O41 thin films measured by the 3ω method 

      Athanasopoulos, G. I.; Svoukis, E.; Pervolaraki, M.; Saint-Martin, R.; Revcolevschi, A.; Giapintzakis, John (2010)
      The effect of Ni-, Co- and Fe-substitution for Cu on the thermal conductivity of La5Ca9Cu24O41 thin films is investigated. Highly b-axis oriented polycrystalline films were grown onto MgO (100) substrates using the pulsed ...
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      Thermal conductivity of Ni, Co, and Fe-doped La5Ca9Cu24O41 thin films measured by the 3ω method 

      Athanasopoulos, G. I.; Svoukis, E.; Pervolaraki, M.; Saint-Martin, R.; Revcolevschi, A.; Giapintzakis, John (2010)
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      Thermal oxidation and facet-formation mechanisms of Si nanowires 

      Kioseoglou, J.; Komninou, P.; Zervos, Matthew (2014)
      Silicon nanowires were grown along the [111] direction on Si(001) by the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism using 1 nm Au as a catalyst. They were subsequently oxidized at 900 °C for 60 min, 120 min and 180 min, which lead to ...
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      Thermal, electron transport and far infrared properties of PbTe single crystals doped with Br 

      Nikolic, M. V.; Paraskevopoulos, K. M.; Hatzikraniotis, E.; Nikolic, N.; Vujatovic, S. S.; Aleksic, O. S.; Zorba, T. T.; Kyratsi, Theodora; Menicanin, A.; Nikolic, P. M. (Affiliation: Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, Kneza Viseslava 1, 11000 Beograd, SerbiaAffiliation: Physics Department, Solid State Section, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54214 Thessaloniki, GreeceAffiliation: Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA, Knez Mihailova 35, 11000 Beograd, SerbiaAffiliation: Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Cyprus, 1678 Nicosia, CyprusCorrespondence Address: Nikolic, M.V.Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, Kneza Viseslava 1, 11000 Beograd, Serbia, 2012)
      Understanding the properties of PbTe remains in focus as enhancement of thermoelectric efficiency of this material is studied extensively. In this work single crystals of PbTe, doped with less than 2 at % Br, were synthesized ...
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      Thermo-fluid modeling of direct chill casting of metal alloys using an inverse finite element method 

      Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Battisti, T. (Publ by Computational Mechanics Inc, 1992)
      Direct chill (DC) casting is used extensively in the production of wrought nonferrous metals and alloys, particularly in the aluminum industry. For alloys, a semi-solid region known as the “mushy zone” and defined by the ...
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      Thermoeconomic modeling and exergy analysis of a decentralized liquefied natural gas-fueled combined-cooling-heating-and-power plant 

      Arsalis, A.; Alexandrou, Andreas N. (2014)
      A small-scale combined-cooling-heating-and-power (CCHP) plant is proposed as a possible alternative to large-scale, centralized, electricity-only power plants. The proposed system is based on a non-ideal gas turbine (Brayton) ...
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