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dc.contributor.authorMichael, Michalis N.en
dc.creatorMichael, Michalis N.en
dc.description.abstractThe article examines three political uprisings in Cyprus in 1833 in order to investigate the effect of events in the periphery on politics and government at the center of the Ottoman Empire. The author situates these protest and resistance movements, led by Nikolas Thiseus, Deli Imam, and the monk Ioannikios, within the broader history of Cyprus and the empire. He discusses whether the revolts were motivated primarily by economic or tax questions or whether they followed more radical political agendas such as revolutionary nationalism and anti-imperialism.en
dc.sourceArchivum Ottomanicumen
dc.titleRevolts, Demands and Challenge to the Legitimacy of the Ottoman Power: the Three Revolts of 1833 in Cyprusen
dc.description.volume29Σχολή Κοινωνικών Επιστημών και Επιστημών Αγωγής / Faculty of Social Sciences and EducationΤμήμα Τουρκικών και Μεσανατολικών Σπουδών / Turkish and Middle Eastern Studies Department

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