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dc.contributor.advisorPtochos, Fotiosen
dc.contributor.advisorSaka, Halilen
dc.contributor.authorPaizanos, Leonidasen
dc.creatorPaizanos, Leonidasen
dc.description.abstractThe Standard Model of particle physics is one of the most outstanding achievements of modern physics. It describes the elementary particles that form our universe and the interactions between them, providing at the same time a successful explanation of the current experimental data. Unfortunately, it fails to answer some crucial questions leading us to the need for new physics. This thesis includes the presentation of two analyses whose primary goal is to search for BSM signatures proving the existence of new physics. The first has to do with the production of a charged Higgs boson with mass heavier than the top quark through its decays to a top and a bottom quark in the lepton (e or μ) plus jets final state. The main purpose of the second analysis is the search for heavy seesaw fermions decaying to W,Z or Higgs Bosons in muons plus "fat" Jets final state.en
dc.publisherΠανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Σχολή Θετικών και Εφαρμοσμένων Επιστημών / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.rightsOpen Accessen
dc.titleSearches for beyond the standard model signatures with the CMS Detector at LHCen
dc.contributor.committeememberToumpas, Nicolaosen
dc.contributor.committeememberItskos, Gregoriosen
dc.contributor.departmentΠανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Σχολή Θετικών και Εφαρμοσμένων Επιστημών, Τμήμα Φυσικήςel
dc.contributor.departmentUniversity of Cyprus, Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, Department of Physicsen
dc.subject.uncontrolledtermPHYSICS BEYOND THE STANDARD MODELen
dc.subject.uncontrolledtermCHARGED HIGGSenΣχολή Θετικών και Εφαρμοσμένων Επιστημών / Faculty of Pure and Applied SciencesΤμήμα Φυσικής / Department of Physics
dc.type.uhtypeMaster Thesisen
dc.contributor.orcidPtochos, Fotios [0000-0002-3432-3452]
dc.contributor.orcidSaka, Halil [0000-0001-7616-2573]

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