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      Alignment of electrospun polymer fibers using a concave collector 

      Savva, I.; Evaggelou, E.; Papaparaskeva, G.; Leontiou, T.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Mpekris, F.; Stylianou, K.; Krasia-Christoforou, T. (2015)
      During recent years, electrospinning has become a powerful technique for the cost-effective production of fibrous materials with diameters ranging from a few nanometers up to a few micrometers. In a conventional electrospinning ...
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      Compression molding of semi-concentrated fiber suspensions: Flow and fiber orientation 

      Ahmed, Alauddin; Alexandrou, Andreas N. (Publ by ASME, 1993)
      The focus of this paper is compression molding of semi-concentrated fiber suspensions. During compression molding a premeasured amount of raw material (charge) is placed between two halves of a die. The die is then closed ...
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      Computational predictions of the tensile properties of electrospun fibre meshes: Effect of fibre diameter and fibre orientation 

      Barocas, V. Η; Stylianopoulos, T.; Bashur, C. A.; Goldstein, A. S.; Guelcher, S. A. (2008)
      The mechanical properties of biomaterial scaffolds are crucial for their efficacy in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. At the microscopic scale, the scaffold must be sufficiently rigid to support cell adhesion, ...
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      Evaluation of electrospun polymer-Fe3O4 nanocomposite mats in malachite green adsorption 

      Savva, I.; Marinica, O.; Papatryfonos, C. A.; Vekas, L.; Krasia-Christoforou, T. (2015)
      Magnetoactive nanocomposite fibers, based on poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO), poly(l-lactide) (PLLA) and pre-formed oleic acid-coated magnetite nanoparticles (OA·Fe3O4), were fabricated by electrospinning and evaluated for the ...
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      Experimental investigation on the confining effect of fibers in SHFRCC 

      Georgiou, A. V.; Pantazopoulou, Stavroula J. (2017)
      Strain Hardening Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites (SHFRCC) comprise of a mix design that differs from normal concrete mixes. Fibers act as mass reinforcement leading to large deformation capacities, bridging of the ...
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      Fabrication, characterization and applications of electrospun polymer-based nanocomposite membranes 

      Savva, Ioanna S. (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Engineering, 2014-12)
      Η παρούσα διδακτορική διατριβή επικεντρώνεται στην παρασκευή (με τη μέθοδο της ηλεκτρόκλωσης), το χαρακτηρισμό και τις εφαρμογές καινοτόμων πολυμερικών ινωδών μεμβρανών. Συγκεκριμένα παρασκευάστηκαν διαφορετικά είδη ...
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      Injection molding of dilute and semi-dilute fiber suspensions 

      Alexandrou, Andreas N.; Ahmed, Alauddin (Publ by ASME, 1992)
      The focus of this paper is unsteady flow of semi-dilute fiber suspensions in complex geometries. These flows are typical of injection molding problems in which the raw material in granular form, usually plastic resin mixed ...
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      Microstructure-based, multiscale modeling for the mechanical behavior of hydrated fiber networks 

      Barocas, V. Η; Chandran, P. L.; Stylianopoulos, T. (2008)
      A multiscale formulation is derived for the mechanics of a dilute fiber network microstructure, as occurs in in vitro reconstituted collagen gels, to accommodate the deterministic solution of a uniform-stress condition in ...
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      Multiscale computation for bioartificial soft tissues with complex geometries 

      Barocas, V. Η; Luo, X.-J.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Shephard, M. S. (2009)
      The mechanical function of soft collagenous tissues is inherently multiscale, with the tissue dimension being in the centimeter length scale and the underlying collagen network being in the micrometer length scale. This ...
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      Multiscale modelling of solid tumour growth: the effect of collagen micromechanics 

      Wijeratne, P. A.; Vavourakis, V.; Hipwell, J. H.; Voutouri, C.; Papageorgis, P.; Stylianopoulos, T.; Evans, A.; Hawkes, D. J. (2016)
      Here we introduce a model of solid tumour growth coupled with a multiscale biomechanical description of the tumour microenvironment, which facilitates the explicit simulation of fibre–fibre and tumour–fibre interactions. ...
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      Permeability calculations in three-dimensional isotropic and oriented fiber networks 

      Barocas, V. Η; Stylianopoulos, T.; Yeckel, A.; Derby, J. J.; Luo, X.-J.; Shephard, M. S.; Sander, E. A. (2008)
      Hydraulic permeabilities of fiber networks are of interest for many applications and have been studied extensively. There is little work, however, on permeability calculations in three-dimensional random networks. Computational ...
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      Unsteady flow of semi-concentrated suspensions using finite deformation tensors 

      Ahmed, A.; Alexandrou, Andreas N. (1994)
      The interest in the theoretical investigation of the flow behavior of fiber suspensions during manufacturing processes has increased considerably due to the increased interest in the use of composite materials. The unsteady ...