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      Bi/Sb distribution and its consequences in solid solution members of the thermoelectric materials K2Bi8-xSbxSe13 

      Kyratsi, Theodora; Chung, D. Y.; Kanatzidis, M. G. (2002)
      In an effort to understand the nature of mass fluctuations introduced when β-K2Bi8Se13 is alloyed with K2Sb8Se13 we determined the detailed crystal structures of two solid solutions of the type K2Bi8-xSbxSe13 with x=4.0 ...
    • Conference Object  

      Doping and alloying trends in new thermoelectric materials 

      Loo, S.; Lal, S.; Kyratsi, Theodora; Chung, D. Y.; Hsu, K. F.; Kanatzidis, M. G.; Hogan, T. P. (Affiliation: Dept. of Elec. and Comp. Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, United StatesCorrespondence Address: Loo, S.Dept. of Elec. and Comp. Engineering, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, United States, 2002)
      New thermoelectric bulk materials such as CsBi4Te6 have shown superior properties to traditional materials, however, optimal performance requires continuing investigations of doping and alloying trends. A recently modified ...
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      Fabrication of nanocrystalline Mg 2Si via ball milling process: Structural studies 

      Ioannou, M.; Hatzikraniotis, E.; Lioutas, C.; Hassapis, T.; Altantzis, T.; Paraskevopoulos, K. M.; Kyratsi, Theodora (2012)
      In this work, nanocrystalline Mg 2Si material was fabricated via wet ball milling process using n-hexane as process control agent. Milling parameters, with emphasis on milling time and ball size, and conditions were studied ...
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      High thermoelectric figure of merit of Mg2Si 0.55Sn0.4Ge0.05 materials doped with Bi and Sb 

      Khan, A. U.; Vlachos, N.; Kyratsi, Theodora (2013)
      Thermoelectric properties of new Bi- and Sb-doped Mg2Si 0.55Sn0.4Ge0.05 compounds prepared by powder methods were studied in the temperature range 300-823 K. The materials exhibited compositional inhomogeneites consisting ...
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      Lattice thermal conductivity of K 2(Bi 1-zSb z) 8Se 13 solid solutions 

      Kyratsi, Theodora; Hatzikraniotis, E.; Paraskevopoulous, M.; Dyck, J. S.; Shin, H. K.; Uher, C.; Kanatzidis, M. G. (2004)
      The influence of the Bi/Sb partial substitution to the lattice thermal conductivity of the K 2(Bi 1-zSb z) 8Se 13 solid solution series was studied. The variation of the lattice thermal conductivity with comparison was ...
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      Modification of thermoelectric properties using insertion techniques 

      Hatzikraniotis, E.; Kyratsi, Theodora; Chrissafis, K.; Paraskevopoulos, K. M. (1999)
      In this work is presented the application insertion techniques for the modification of the performance of thermoelectric materials. The results indicate that in cases as in Bi2Se3 compounds where insertion of foreign species ...
    • Doctoral Thesis  Open Access

      Nanocomposite materials with enhanced thermoelectric properties 

      Papageorgiou, Chrysi M. (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Engineering, 2013-06)
      Στην παρούσα διδακτορική διατριβή περιγράφονται και αναλύονται οι θερμοηλεκτρικές ιδιότητες νανοσύνθετων υλικών που έχουν ως βάση το PbTe και το LaCoO3. Δεδομένου ότι ένα μεγάλο μέρος της ενέργειας που χρησιμοποιείται ...
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      Nanostructure and doping stimulated phase separation in high-ZT Mg2Si0.55Sn0.4Ge0.05 compounds 

      Polymeris, G. S.; Vlachos, N.; Khan, A. U.; Hatzikraniotis, E.; Lioutas, C. B.; Delimitis, A.; Pavlidou, E.; Paraskevopoulos, K. M.; Kyratsi, Theodora (2015)
      A study was attempted on the structural properties across all relevant length-scales for Mg2(Si,Sn,Ge)-type solid solutions of the formula Mg2Si0.55- ySn0.40Ge0.05(Bi,Sb)y. The study focuses on three families of samples, ...
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      Synthetic conditions and their doping effect on β-K2Bi8Se13 

      Kyratsi, Theodora; Kika, I.; Hatzikraniotis, E.; Paraskevopoulos, K. M.; Chrissafis, K.; Kanatzidis, M. G. (2009)
      In this work the synthetic conditions for K2Bi8Se13 and their effect on its thermoelectric properties were investigated. K2Bi8Se13 was prepared as a single phase using K2Se and Bi2Se3 as starting materials in a furnace or ...
    • Doctoral Thesis  Open Access

      Transport properties of thermoelectric Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 thin films and bulk alloys 

      Symeou, Elli A. (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Engineering, 2016-12)
      Στις μέρες μας, ένα από τα πιο σημαντικά και πολυσυζητημένα προβλήματα είναι η κλιματική αλλαγή και κατά συνέπεια η υπερθέρμανση του πλανήτη αλλά και η ενεργειακή κρίση. Ένα μεγάλο μέρος της ενέργειας που χρησιμοποιείται ...
    • Doctoral Thesis  Open Access

      Ανάπτυξη και χαρακτηρισμός πυριτιδίων για θερμοηλεκτρικές εφαρμογές 

      Ιωάννου, Μαρία Σ. (Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου, Πολυτεχνική Σχολή / University of Cyprus, Faculty of Engineering, 2014-12)
      Στις μέρες μας είναι πρόκληση η ανάκτηση της «χαμένης» ενέργειας μιας και η ενέργεια είναι ένα από τα σημαντικότερα παγκόσμια προβλήματα που πρέπει να αντιμετωπίσουμε. Τις τελευταίες δεκαετίες, το ενδιαφέρον στη θερμοηλεκτρική ...