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      Animation Models In E-Learning Of Science 

      Stoffová, Veronika (University of Zilina, 2005)
      The article deals with the simulation models in e-learning applications which are the basis of controlled animation. Visualization of simulation experiments with the computer has a great significance in teaching-learning ...
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      Applying technology acceptance model to Measure it students’ attitude towards a hybrid Communication skills course 

      Rigopoulos, George; Keklikoglou, Ioannis; Sgouropoulou, Cleo (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      In this paper we demonstrate the application of a revised TAM model for measuring IT students’ attitude towards eLearning for a hybrid communication skills module. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in its original form and ...
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      Approaches to the evaluation of elearning 

      Kapounová, Jana (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      The development of eLearning is a rapidly expanding area of education and it has become a phenomenon in the learning and knowledge society of the 21st century. Many schools – from basic to universities have adopted some ...
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      Authoring-tools for web-based simulations 

      Brigas, C.; Marcelino, M.J. (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      With the appearance of Internet and its applications to education, great interest was developed in supporting learning by this new medium as it offers cheap delivery of materials, easy and comfortable access, etc. With all ...
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      Cobbalt “multimedia self-learning telecommunications on internet” 

      El Assad, Safwan; Boniffay, Jacqueline; Pavel, Sebastian; Pallis, Evangelos (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      E-learning represents in our times a very important technology for learning/teaching without having many of the constraints of the classical methods. COBBALT is a multimedia Web based application for self-learning ...
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      Computer tools to simulate acoustic phenomena 

      Aramendia, Emilio; San Martin, Ricardo; Arana, Miguel (University of Zilina, 2005)
      Acoustics is a branch of science whose mathematical models require a great effort of abstraction and spatial visualization. There are several pieces of computational software that allow us to represent these phenomena by ...
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      Concept-driven learning goal for flex-el 

      Pongpech, Alex; Orlowska, Maria; Sadiq, Shazia (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      There are a number of universities offering course material through elearning or web-based learning. The common practice is that these courses are available only for those learners who are seeking degree curriculum. ...
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      A course website and e-learning system for the enhancement of engineering design education 

      Matsuishi, Masakatsu; Takemata, Kazuya; Yamamoto, Toshiyuki (University of Zilina, 2005)
      This paper presents an e-Learning enhanced instructional strategy to overcome instructional issues while conducting project-based learning in Engineering Design (henceforth, ED) courses targeting freshmen and sophomores ...
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      Developing a computer ethics module for it Students within an e-learning environment 

      Rigopoulos, George; Keklikoglou, Ioannis (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      ELearning technologies and platforms have widely been adopted by educational institutes, such as universities and schools, either to facilitate traditional teaching methods or to provide autonomous distance learning modules. ...
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      Dietetics-software programs and computerbased Learning 

      Fragkiadakis, Georgios A.; Dimitropoulakis, Petros; Markaki, Maria; Markaki, Anastasia (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      Dietetics-software programs integrate the automation of many clinical nutrition and food-management functions. Clinical Dietetics activities such as nutrition screening, nutrition assessment, diet-order entry, patient ...
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      Distant and computer-assistant education in rgotups 

      Demchenko, A.; Silina, E.; Fokin, V.; Pribylov, N.; Klimova, D.; Nedostaev, V. (University of Zilina, 2005)
      Specifics of education in our university: most of the students are taking correspondence and moonlighting courses, a vast educational area – more than 30 towns of European Russia, - made e-learning technologies extremely ...
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      E-education: implications for knowledge transfer via global co-operative education 

      Lawrence, Elaine; Szewcow, Ury; Navarro, Karla Felix (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      This paper reports on a radical and ongoing learning and teaching experiment in which a private multinational organization (Cisco) and traditional learning institutions (schools, colleges and universities) have combined ...
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      An e-learning framework For wound image understanding 

      Prodan, Augustin; Câmpean, Remus; Rusu, Madalina; Prodan, Rodica (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      This paper presents a Java based e-learning framework for analyzing, processing and understanding wound images, to be used in teaching, learning and research activities. We intend to promote e-learning technologies in ...
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      E-learning in military equipment and technologies research agency (metra) - Romania 

      Dumitru, Florin-Marius; Cantaragiu, Stefan (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      The paper shows the METRA's achievements in e-learning area. First part is a brief presentation about main METRA’s activities and major R&D programs. Next part of paper is dedicated to main METRA’s activities regarding ...
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      The e-learning movement as a process of quality improvement in education: the case of the University of Cyprus 

      Nicolaou, Christiana Th.; Nicolaidou, Iolie; Constantinou, Constantinos P. (Department of Educational Sciences, University of Cyprus, 2003)
      Quality in education has been regognized as an issue that should guide our efforts for improvement for many years. eLearning is the latest attempt to take advantage of developments in technology to improve learning. In ...
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      E-learning platform evaluation through Multicriteria analysis 

      Rigopoulos, George; Psarras, John; Keklikoglou, Ioannis (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      In this paper we present a multicriteria methodology for supporting institutes’ decisions on eLearning platform evaluation. Based on previous research, we define a set of evaluation criteria, define appropriate weights in ...
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      Educational model of the merchant marine Engineers’ continuous education with the use Of asynchronous distance education 

      Papachristos, Dimitrios; Tsoukalas, Vasilios; Alafodimos, Constantinos; Tselenti, Nota; Mattheu, Lisa (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      The rapid development of science and technology has created a very high level of requirements pertaining to knowledge necessary for man’s professional career. On the other hand, in contemporary Information Society (InfS), ...
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      Efficient e-learning services 

      Jakab, František; Sivý, Igor; Genči, Ján; Fedák, Viliam (University of Zilina, 2005)
      The contribution deals with the architecture of the eEDUSER portal (eEDUSER - ”Efficient E-Learning Network Services Establishment for Education without Borders”, project within Leonardo da Vinci Programme). It analyses ...
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      Exploring the use of mobile technology for delivering electronic support 

      Famakinwa, Oladeji; Barker, Philip; van Schaik, Paul; Onibokun, Joseph (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      Mobile technologies in one form or another are having a significant impact on the way teaching and learning are delivered within all levels of the curriculum. Bearing this in mind, we have recently started to explore ways ...
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      A framework for evaluating e-learning Environments 

      Fursenko, Frank; von Itzstein, G. Stewart (University of Cyprus, 2007)
      The management of many universities is in a state of transformation from the traditional collegiate, to a more structured corporate style of management. These universities are increasingly modelling their educational ...